"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."
- Albert Einstein

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Will today be the day you make the CHOICE not to have heart disease, not to have cancer, not to have diabetes, not to have excess weight or even high cholesterol? You do have that choice. You can do it using only your fork.

The information contained on this page should not be considered medical advice. It is however based on the most recent studies and epidemiological statistics that main stream medicine has been ignoring for decades because it doesn't fit their high profit "pill and surgery" business model and they can't (and won't pay for) double blind placebo controlled studies involving food as the answer to most diseases.

What does it take to be healthy these days? Good genes, a good doctor, watching your fat intake, some luck? In the book "Healthy at 100" author John Robbins traveled the world and interviewed the elders of some of the longest living populations on earth. What he concluded was that there are three things that are common in the oldest living humans. All three were equally important:

  • At or very near a plant based diet
  • Daily exercise that gets the heart pounding
  • Good quality human relationships/low daily stress.

Notice something very important here. All three factors that determine if a person will live a long and healthy life are things that are under the control of the person themself. Sadly, the majority of Americans today have none of these things in their life so its no wonder we have slipped all the way down to 36th in life expectancy at birth despite spending more than twice as much on health care as any other country. Clearly something is very wrong here. Of the three factors listed above the most glaring difference is our diet. The American diet is a meat and dairy based diet more than anywhere else in the world. In fact we have exported this unhealthy diet to all parts of the world and with it follows our degenerative health problems. We know it is the root cause of most of our health problems, yet there is so much money at stake to keep the status quo that the only place you can find good unbiased information is from sources not tied to the profits of our current system. You would think our government would have the health of its people as a top priority but nothing could be further from the truth in America. The big money of the current system has infiltrated government agencies and has a huge influence over our politicians and governing bodies so you just can't rely on any information coming from the top down. Our own Surgeon General is an obese woman who hasn't a clue why we are in a health crisis. Indeed the health of this nation will have to change from the bottom up. Grass roots volunteer organizations like the CLERGY HEALTH COUNCIL are working to get the word out with very little resources. The people who have accepted a plant based way of eating are enjoying a new level of good health not believed possible at their respected age.


If you are reading this page and you have not yet rid your diet of dead and diseased animals our first recommendation is to get hold of a new DVD out called "Eating"
You can purchase these from our "Materials Page" or at any of our events, at Park and Vine store at 1202 Main Street Cincinnati, Chiropractic office of Mike Leone DC, 8131 US 42, Florence, KY or Loving Hut Cafe at 6227 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati.
It is a fantastic documentary that will convince you that it's the meat and dairy that is the root cause of most of the poor health we as a nation are experiencing as well as many other factors that make a plant based diet best for People, the Animals, and the Earth.

A new way to think about foods.


The USDA's food pyramid is a good example of how those who profit from the current system control the information that will be released to the public. We have a simpler and more honest graphic to help you understand what to eat if you want to be healthy.


RED GROUP FOODS These are the foods to avoid completely. Flesh and body fluids from animals and unnatural forms of plant foods like sugar, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), white flour, toxic additives and preservatives, GMO's (genetically modified foods) and foods modified to free up the natural glutamate thus creating what is known as MSG. These are the foods that either cause disease or set the body up for disease to take hold.
What happens when you run a red light? You stand a chance of dying prematurely - right? Same thing with the foods in the RED category. Most of these RED foods involve the spilling of blood to produce them or some unnatural industrial process that kills the nutritional value of the food and makes it more acidic.. These are the foods you should avoid all together. These are the health damaging foods. Processed foods with added free glutamate, all animal foods and we add to this category sugar, corn syrup, man made sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, chemical additives,preservatives, flavorings and colorings. The foods that come from a factory and are not in their natural form should be completely avoided. Think dairy is needed for calcium?- that's a myth, think you need meat for protein? Another myth. Look to the gorilla, a vegetarian and one of the strongest mammals on earth. They get all the protein they need from green leafy plants and fruits. As humans we are better "gatherers" and have so many more good sources of protein and calcium like nuts, seeds, legumes as well as greens and fruits. From a toxicity standpoint meat and dairy is the worst and contains 85-90% of the toxins we as humans ingest. It's a food chain thing. Animals are the perfect carrier to store the worst environmental pollution and manmade toxins in their fats and pass it to you. Produce grown to feed the animals is allowed to have up to 50 times the pesticide residue as produce grown for humans so this gets stored in the animal's fat and passed to you. Avoid all RED group foods and ingredients 100%. The USDA and other agencies responsible for keeping our food supply save are asleep at the wheel. Anything that had a face or a mother. These foods are truly the root cause of most of the health problems plaguing this country.

YELLOW GROUP FOODS - Cooked -Processed - Unnatural forms of plant based foods.
Yellow group foods are the "maintaining" foods and are all described here as cooked or modified plant based foods (VEGAN).
Many people think they thrive on cooked plant based foods but be aware cooking (above 118°F destroys the natural enzymes that are present in RAW foods and if cooked without water tend to form some unnatural chemicals. If you are in good health you can thrive with a diet of mostly cooked foods but for true health or if you are suffering from any form of degenerative disease you should look to move to a higher percentage of the Green Group foods as those will be the true healing foods. Years of experience seeing people on both sides and our own experiences back this up. Everyone should strive to eat at least 50% of your food in its unaltered "raw" state. Even when eating 100% plant based one still has to make smart choices. A peanut butter sandwich on white bread with potato chips would not be considered a healthy meal. As much as possible your cooked foods should be organic and without chemical additives. Minimizing and ideally eliminating added oils is also advised as this will allow your arteries to begin to open back up after years of clogging them.

One important note is that there are many more pitfalls in the "cooked" plant based food group that are health damaging than there are in the RAW food world. Cancer causing Acrylamide is a good example of one of the health damaging compounds formed when cooking starchy plant based foods.

Green group foods are the true "healing" foods and what we humans are meant to thrive on. Green group foods are all RAW, organic as much as possible and prepared in a way to make them the most nutritious. Probably THE most nutritious foods for humans are the green leafy vegetables and grasses. It has been advised that as much as 40% of your calories should come from these foods. People on a RAW food diet typically eat at least 85% of their plant foods in the RAW state. When grasses are too fibrous to eat they are juiced with a powerful twin gear type juicer to make drinks like wheat grass juice, barley and alfalfa juice. Seeds and nuts are soaked for hours to activate the enzymes and make their nutrients more bio-available. Growing your own sprouts is a fantastic way to introduce LIVE, enzyme rich foods into your diet. Green smoothies made in the blender are a favorite way to get lots of greens in a delicious fruit based drink. There are several RAW food chefs and restaurants offering RAW fare in Cincinnati who specialize in making creative dishes using all RAW ingredients like raw pizza, ravioli, raw spaghetti, sushi, soups, salads and deserts. If you are suffering from any health problem at all you will be wise to move directly to the Green Group foods as much as possible. This will rebuild your immune system and let it do its job to begin healing what ails you. These are the LIVE foods that heal and keep your body functioning at its very best. Fruits are best eaten alone for beneficial digestive reasons and you should minimize the sweet fruits. A great book to learn more about the the gold standard for what foods best fuel a human and why read Brian Clement's "LIVING FOODS for OPTIMUM HEALTH".


Click on the Pyramid above to learn more at Vegan-Raw-Diet.com a great learning site and you can buy this as a poster.

Broccoli sprouts in every kitchen. When you watch these short videos on their anti cancer properties you will want to be eating them too. Sprouts of all kinds - especially fresh grown in your kitchen are at the top of "health" pyramid. eat lots and often for the ultimate fuel for the human body.



The benefits of eating mostly raw plant based foods:

  • No more counting calories.
  • Experience continuously high levels of energy throughout your day.
  • Most people that start eating a raw diet report feeling "lighter".
  • Require less sleep yet feel more refreshed when you awaken.

  • Colds are practically a thing of the past but if you do catch one you recover quicker.
  • Lose weight fast.
  • Boost your immune system to help ward off sickness and disease.
  • Appear healthier and more radiant by eating raw foods.
  • Chronic dehydration is rampant in our society. Raw fruits and vegetables contain mostly water which keeps you more hydrated throughout the day.
  • Green leafy vegetables contain chlorophyll which is helpful in detoxifying your body and bloodstream.
  • Oxygenate your body through more exercise because you feel better and have more energy to work out.

Most people use a lot of their energy during the digestive process. Raw foodists expend much less energy digesting their food so they have more energy for every day tasks. Living raw food placed in the ground sprouts and produces life. Cooked dead food placed in the ground will rot and attract scavengers. Living raw foods contain enzymes which help in the absorption and digestion of vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins. It is believed that excessive heat destroys most of the enzymes in food which are required for optimal health.

At this point you are probably saying to yourself … Holy Cow - are they actually expecting me to give up all meat and dairy and maybe even most cooked foods in order to be healthy. I can't do that! I won't do that! What will I eat?
You must understand that with no conflict of interest we are free to give you the whole truth with no spin and this is it. Sorry if you think we are crazy. Knowledge is power and with the power that comes from the truth you will have total control of your own health.
We are not here today to convince everyone to go 100% RAW. We are here to give you a goal to work towards if you truly want to be as healthy as possible and want to regain control of your future quality of life. If you are suffering from a serious health problem like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc., then you should consider a healing mostly raw food diet.
We are here to help and support you. You will find that eating only from the plant based world is a wonderful adventure full of great tasting foods that you have never even tried before. Every ethnic type of food has vegan and raw food staples that give one an endless array of foods to explore. We understand that the idea of switching to a raw plant food diet is a huge change for most people and you will have to learn many new ways of preparing food but we are here today to tell you it is so worth the effort.


What about conventional medicine? Watch this video of an ex pharmacuetical detail rep exposing the truth about the drug industry.


Take a look at just a few photos and video of some of the GREEN meals we photographed.

Short 3½ min video from the Raw Food Meetup Group meeting.
Learn more and Join the meetup here... Newbies welcome.
Cincy RAW Vegan Meetup


RAW plate

Potluck plate from Cincinnati RAW FOOD MEETUP Nov 2010
From the top:Frozen Banana/strawberry desert, Cranberry relish, walnut pate with veggies,
date/nut ball, Stuffed mushroom, Mango salsa on spinach, flax crackers.


Plate Raw

Mango salsa on lettuce, spiralized zucchini noodles with tomato sauce/olives, Faccacia bread (not a raw product)

Pizza raw

RAW pizza from local raw chef Khassa Selassie at Sunfood Sovereign



"Sea Crackers" Nori with walnut pate from local raw chef Khassa Selassie at Sunfood Sovereign


Strawberry Cheezecake from local raw chef Khassa Selassie at Sunfood Sovereign



Pineapple Pie from local raw chef Khassa Selassie at Sunfood Sovereign

Indian, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, African, Mediterranean, Japanese, Italian and other ethnic foods all offer many dishes that can be prepared with 100% plant based foods. Your creativity is the limit. Today more and more restaurants have vegan options and in Cincinnati we even have one restaurant that is 100% vegan. The Loving Hut (160 worldwide locations). The plant based movement is gaining steam nationally and it will get easier and easier to be plant based in the coming years. Even Bill Clinton has switched to a near vegan diet to reverse his heart disease. Finally people are realizing that they have control of their own health and that health does not come from pills and surgery.

 It should be obvious from just the few pictures above that eating a 100% plant based diet is not restrictive but adventurous.
When you eat a diet that is 85% Raw or more the body is properly fueled and can focus on healing damage done from eating the wrong foods. Ok so we want you to know that it is our very strong opinion that the diet of Raw Foods is more of a healing diet than the cooked food diet (even if 100% plant based) In the cooked food world there are many more pitfalls that are not healthy fuel for the body. Unless you have major symptoms of disease, you don't need to rush to the mostly RAW diet. Take it one step at a time.Take it at your own pace. Give up dairy and sugar first as these are more health damaging than even meat.


Food as medicine.

So why doesn't your doctor or hospital give advice that is even in the same ballpark as what is given above? The answre is greed and coruption that has infiltrated the Acadamey of Nutrition and Dietetics - the organization that certifies Dieticians whos job it is to design the diets offered in hospitals and to patient suffering disease. This short video by Dr Gregor sums it up pretty well.


We have a long way to go to straighten out the health of this country!





Genesis 1:29
Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

Hosea 4:6
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge;
because thou has rejected knowledge…

1 Cor 6:19
Our bodies are the temple of God. Gods spirit dwells within.


Disclaimer: Information on this website and on materials and or presentations should not be taken as medical advise. Before making any changes to diet or exercise habits you should always consult a qualified health professional.

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