"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."
- Albert Einstein

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Brain Diseases
Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, Dementia

(This page last updated 11-21-19)



Brain diseases are some of the most feared of all diseases and they put a huge burden on families, the medical and care systems and the US economy. Watching a loved one slip away and loose their personality and motor skills is a painful and frustrating experience. Doctors seem to blame it all on bad genes and mysterious "plaques" but more and more science piles up that points to the damaging effects of eating toxic foods over a lifetime. The Amyloid placque theory has been debunked but still the medical cartel focuses all their research on that dead end because they are making so much money on drugs that don't work. There is good science that points to exactly what the root cause of degenerative brain diseases is and these are easily eliminated with a diet change.
Understand two things, whether they call it Alzheimer's or Parkinson's or Dementia or ALS it is largely due to the same two causes. The name given to it only depends upon which part of the brain is the most damaged and thus is presenting the most noticeable symptoms and that the brain is usually 75-80% damaged before symptoms of these diseases are severe enough to get a diagnosis.

The first and most likely the biggest cause of brain disease is the cumulative brain damage acquired over a lifetime of dietary exposure to "excitotoxins" and other brain toxins (BMAA mostly) in our diet as seafood, processed food, and vaccination shots. This damage is so serious that it can be the sole cause of the "disease". The more seafood, restaurant and processed food you eat, the higher the "dose" you are getting. Early symptoms are memory issues, difficulty with logical thinking, headaches, vertigo, eye degeneration, heart racing and slowdown, sleep problems and more.
The simple answer...Clean up your diet to avoid all processed foods, nonorganic foods, and most restaurant foods. Read below topics A through E below to learn more about these brain toxins.

The second
cause of degenerative brain disease is arteriosclerosis of the brain (clogging of the arteries and starving the brain of oxygen). In combination with the damage done by excitotoxins, when you starve the brain of oxygen, it is the double whammy of brain damage. READ THIS December 2017 article on Alzheimer's
The good news is that you can halt the progression of both these factors immediately and even see some reversal of symptoms if you are willing to make changes only in your diet and to a lesser extent, changes to your lifestyle.

This simple "remedy" is the WFPB diet (whole foods plant based diet) with no added oils which coincidently is the only diet ever to prove reversal of heart disease. (unclogging of clogged arteries). (see our page on Heart Disease).

#1 Rid your diet of brain toxins

A) MSG/Free Glutamate - This is likely one of the biggest factors over anything else listed below, The amounts of this "excitotoxin" in the American diet today is at an all time high. It is added to most all processed foods and restaurant foods because it is a cheap way to make dead, processed foods taste great and it also stimulates over eating. The FDA says it's safe but nothing could be further from the truth. Even worse the FDA lets companies hide it from the ingredient list behind innocent sounding names like "natural flavors" and "spices" and about 40 other innocent sounding names. An excitotoxin kills nerve cells by stimulating them to fire repeatedly until they run out of energy and die. This is such a huge problem we have devoted a special web page just to cover it. Study our page on MSG here.

B) Aspartame (Nutrasweet) - Aspartame is an excitotoxin just like "free glutamate" it is found in diet soda and sugar free products, dairy products and artificial sweeteners. It's fairly easy to avoid 100% because at least it is listed on the label. Whether it is Nutrasweet or Splenda the damage these artificial sweeteners do to the body can contribute to or aggravate many health issues. Read this Dec, 2015 article. The only safe sweetener is Stevia.

C) BMAA -BMMA is a neurotoxin that comes from blue/green algae. The major dietary source seems to be in seafood - especially from Florida and gulf states. This has more recently been implicated in cases of Alzheimer's and ALS - Learn more here and this 2017 article HERE.

D) Mercury - Mercury is toxic to the brain in its own way and should be avoided as much as possible. Major sources of mercury are vaccinations/flu shots, seafood especially tuna, swordfish and other large fish. It also may be leaching from the amalgam fillings in your teeth. These can be removed and replaced with a safer (and prettier) ceramic based filler but only by someone well versed in the safety measures needed to do it without further poisoning you.

E) Aluminum - Aluminum is a metal and when it gets into the brain it "unlocks the door" for free glutamate to do it's damage. The major sources are baking powder (buy the aluminum free version) , flu shots/ vaccinations, antiperspirants, cooking pans and foil, Learn more here and here

E) Insecticides and herbicides- Insecticides have been linked to increase risk of brain disease, especially Parkinson's. Avoid contact with insecticides around the home and consider sources in your diet that may be contaminated with insecticides. Here is a list of the "dirty dozen" top 12 produce highest in insecticides. Buy these organic or not at all. Besides the obvious direct pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables, there is usually high levels in meat and dairy products also because they are fed grains and corn that is much higher in chemical residues than allowed for human consumption. Herbicides such as Monsanto's Roundup (glyphosate) are extremely health damaging and linked to disruptions in our good chemistries that are essential to a healthy brain. Eat only organic foods to avoid glyphosate, make no exceptions in foods known to be high in glyphosate like grains, soy, corn, canola, animal based foods. Read more here


#2 Arteriosclerosis of the Brain
is a major root cause of most brain diseases.

Watch the short video on this. 5:36 min
Recent studies show that most Alzheimer's victims had the arteries in their brains much more clogged than those the same age without a brain disease. This is shown in the video above. Starve the brain of oxygen and it will die a slow death.
The good news is that arteriosclerosis (heart disease) is easily stopped and if not too calcified, reversed - see our page on heart disease HERE. Unless you are on a 100% plant based diet with no added oils (the only diet to ever prove reversal of heart disease) you are continuing to clog your arteries. It is time to start unclogging them. You will be amazed at the difference in your energy and stamina plus you are taking the #1 leading cause of death off the table - Heart Disease. All it takes is a WFPB diet (whole foods plant based diet) with no added oils.

Because inflammation is the primary driver in making the cholesterol in your blood "stick" to your artery walls the discussion below will give you an idea where the "inflammation" is coming from.

Here is a Dec, 2017 article that backs up this conclussion

Rid your diet of inflammatory foods/drugs:

Inflammation in the body is bad. It's a major factor in heart disease and many other chronic health conditions. If the foods/drugs we ingest are inflammatory to the digestive tract, then big problems occur like Leaky Gut Syndrome which allows the toxins mentioned above to have a much easier time getting into our blood stream and past the blood/brain barrier. Here are some of the inflammatory foods and a brief discussion on each.

A) Meat - hard to digest, creates a putrefaction in digestion, fats/oils are inflammatory and worse when cooked. Also meat is acidic. Recent studies show that a substance in meat called Neu5Gc is responsible for an inflammatory response that accelerates tumor growth. (see videos at top of this page). Meat also inflames our digestive tract causing leaky gut which sidetracks our immune system. Short video

B) Gluten - Wheat, Barley & Rye contain types of gluten that can be inflammatory to the lining of our intestines even in people not diagnosed with Celiac or gluten sensitivity. Most people (especially whites from European descent) have gluten intolerance and thus have an inflamed intestinal lining due to gluten and don't even realize it. The lining if the intestines is a filter only one cell thick (epithelial cells) that separates digesting food from our blood. When that lining is damaged by gluten's inflammation and other irritants listed below, we get leakage of foods and pathogens into our blood where the immune system will send out an attack, once again wasting it valuable energy and causing allergy issues. Wheat is also high in the herbicide Glyphosate (Roundup) which has been shown to disrupt the good bacteria in our gut. Gluten is also 40% glutamate by weight. Processing with heat or fermentation frees up the glutamate which activates it as a flavor enhancer but also an excitotoxin which is damaging to your brain as mentioned above as the number one toxin causing degenerative brain diseases, nervous system damage and and eye damage. See the videos on www.unblindmymind.org to learn more about the gluten-glutamate connection. For either of these two reasons whether your are gluten "intolerant" or not, GLUTEN should be avoided completely. Even if you decide to include some gluten free grains in your diet make them only organic to avoid the toxic effects of Glyphosate's.

C) Added Oils - Oils (especially cooked oils and fats) have shown to have a major inflammatory effect on the body, especially the cardio vascular system. The immune system can't do its job properly if the body is in a constant state of inflammation. Inflammation is also part of the process that makes cholesterol stick to your artery walls but more importantly for this discussion it can weaken the blood brain barrier. Since most processed American food is high in oils, avoiding them means making your own foods without oils, which is fun and easy. Remember that cooked oils are not just in fried foods but also crackers, chips, roasted nuts etc.

D) Chemicals and toxins in genetically modified and factory produced foods of today can only be summed up by one phrase "A CHEMICAL SHITSTORM". Understand that 80-90% of all the toxins, herbicides and pesticides that we ingest on a daily basis comes from meat and dairy. It's a food chain issue, mostly because the food given to the animals can have up to 50 times the residues/contaminants than food grown for humans and they fertilize the fields of crops grown for animals with sludge from human sewer treatment plants. The best advice we can give is adopt a whole foods plant based diet, avoid all food source from China, try to eat organic and grow your own.
Let the farmer feed you, not the corporation.

E) Carrageenan (extracted from red edible seaweeds) is commonly found as a thickener in non dairy milks, yogurt and ice cream has been shown to disrupt the bond between epithelial cells in the intestines and can cause gastrointestinal inflammation and contribute to leaky gut syndrome. Read more about it here.

F) Dairy - Dairy products weaken the immune system by sending the immune system on "wild goose chases" attacking the foreign dairy proteins (casein). It's worse than that because the resulting immune responses to dairy can also attack various soft healthy tissues in our body like joints (meniscus damage leading to arthritis. joint pain, knee & hip replacements), nerve casings (MS) and pancreas (diabetes and cancer). Dairy also has a second role in cancer promotion - the powerful growth hormone (IGF-1). Designed to help a calf grow rapidly these growth hormones are like "Miracle Grow" for cancer. Video 9:36 min - 6 Reasons You Should Avoid It at All Costs or Why Following the USDA Food Pyramid Guidelines is Bad for Your Health (VIDEO)by Dr Mark Hyman MD Because the immune sysytem will innitiate an attack to even 20ppm of dairy, to make any difference you have to get dairy out 100%.

G) SALT - Yes our standard refined table salt is inflammatory. Use Pink Himalayan salt or gray celtic salt instead. Avoid all processed foods especially those with added salt. Learn More Here

H) Corn - Corn has a couple serious issues, first is that most all corn is genetically modified and some of that is the type "BT Corn" which is modified to produce it's own insecticide through a bacteria implanted in it to fight of pests. It has been proven that this bacteria can live in the human digestive tract, presumably continuing to produce its insecticide - not a good thing. Another issue with corn is it's high level of lectins. These can be disruptive and damaging on a cellular level and lead to "Leaky Gut Syndrome"

I) Soy - Soy, like corn has high levels of lectins but the biggest issue is that most soy is genetically modified to survive high levels of Roundup herbicide (Glyphosate). There are more and more studies pointing to Glyphosate causing some serious health issues (Autism, Cancer) and digestive issues including liver damage via fatty liver disease. Our advice, keep it to a minimum and eat only organic soy to avoid the Glyphosate.

J) Medications - Medications - Nearly 70% of US adults are taking a medication regularly and more than half are taking two or more. This is bad. These drugs, especially the pain killer class can have a damaging effect to the digestive tract causing ulcers, erosion and thus Leaky Gut Syndrome. To keep your digestive tract happy and "leak free" it would be wise to get off all the drugs. For 99% of the drugs being taken the answer is a clean, plant based diet. See pages on this web site for discussions on how diet is the cause of most all western diseases. Don't fall into the trap of being prescribed drugs for depression or other psychological issues. A healthy plant based, gluten free whole foods diet is way more effective and safer. Psych drugs have killed more than 5 million people over the last 10 years.. Nothing shows how little medical science really knows about the brain or complex chemical functions of the body than the practice of prescribing toxic drugs and expecting them to fix the complex chemical imbalance. If they really knew what they were doing there would be no side effects. Health will not be found in a pill,

K) Vaccinations - One of the largest sources of chemicals toxic to the brain we face is vaccinations. We are not against the idea of vaccinations, but the pharmaceutical companies don't seem to be able to produce them without adding dangerous amounts of 3 brain toxins to the mix. Mercury, Aluminum and MSG and these are injected directly into your blood stream! There has to be a better way. Since congress voted to give the Pharmaceutical industry complete immunity from liability or prosecution in 1986, they don't have much incentive to make their products safe or test them for adverse effects. They set up a special "Vaccine Court" where 12,890 cases have been filed but the awards for damaged has not totaled even 5% of the vaccine makers sales.

L) Stress/Drama - Yes, many studies have shown that stress in our lives stimulates the same chemical inflammatory response that is the root cause of heart disease. That is why people with high stress jobs die young of heart attacks much more frequently. Do whatever you have to do to eliminate stress and drama in your life.


To over simplify the 12 things you need to do as listed above is to just say "put only health enhancing foods in your mouth". Without exception, all the recommendations above are just removing "health damaging" substances from entering your body. If you properly fuel this amazing body we have been given, it will respond with many, many years of perfect health.
Imagine buying a car that would last 100 years without any maintenance. A car that runs at a higher performance level than all the other cars around it. A car that carries no excess weight, and doesn't fall apart like many cars do. All you have to do is use the best fuel it is designed for, without exception. That is what we are faced with today. Your body is that car. All you have to do is fuel it with a whole food, plant based diet with no oils and you will have a high performance body that will never run poorly or need replacement parts. The only question is do you have enough will power to get it done? Your enemy will be the pleasure center of your brain. It will not be easy but all you need is strong commitment. Food companies have learned to exploit the most addictive qualities of sugar, dairy, salty fats and add free glutamate as a cheap and addicting flavor enhancer in almost all the food they sell or serve you at restaurants. It will take a steadfast commitment to go cold turkey from the health damaging foods and drinks. If you doubt you can do it alone or you have been diagnoses and need to go all in quickly, then consider getting help by going to a place where you will be fed only health enhancing foods and taught the skills that will help you do it on your own. Some of the best places for this are Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach, FL. or Hallelujah Acres in NC. There are many others but these have a long track record of doing the great job at it.

ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)

Having lost two friends to ALS in recent years, I have a keen interest in understanding it. The research below may shed some light on this terrible disease.

The Stephen Hawking Story

We have been researching Steven Hawking’s amazing survival over 50 years with ALS which if my deductions are correct, has the same root causes as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer's, and Dementia, namely a combination of nerve toxins that slowly destroy parts of the brain. Free glutamate, perhaps exposure to insecticides, and now BMAA all show the kind of nerve cell death that ultimately leads to these degenerative brain diseases.  I also believe that there are other factors involved that relate to getting more of these toxins into the blood and past the blood/brain barrier. One major one I am studying is the permeability of the intestines (Leaky Gut Syndrome) and food ingredients that damage the epithelial cells that line the arteries and intestines.
It seems Leaky Gut is promoted by lots of things from pharmaceuticals – especially pain killers, corn, soy, dairy and gluten.  The inflammatory effect of cooked oils may be at play here as well.  I have also read that the thickener “carrageenan” which is in a lot of nut milks/ice cream disrupts the bond between epithelial  cells and thus may help these toxin’s access the brain. In studying what little I can find about Steven Hawking’s diet there are a few clues that align with my thinking…
from his wiki page:
“Professor Hawking supplements his diet with daily mineral and vitamin tablets, and zinc, cod liver oil capsules, folic acid, vitamin B complex, vitamin B-12, vitamin C and vitamin E are said to have been particularly helpful.
He also follows a diet free of gluten and vegetable oil and avoids convenience foods.
This statement falls into my deductions quite well as bread is loaded with free glutamate, (gluten is 39% glutamate!) avoiding oils keeps inflammation down, and “convenience foods are a major source of free glutamate. 
As far as medical care is concerned, he receives passive chest physiotherapy and passive and active physiotherapy to all limbs and muscle groups.”
There are some references that he was vegetarian – but nothing conclusive. Although clearly his disease has progressed over the 50 years, his relatively "clean" diet and low to no animal products surely was the reason he didn't progress quickly. Knowing what we know now, we should be able to halt and even reverse these deadly brain diseases by adopting a very clean, plant based diet.

Another ALS Case:

Here is a case history that reads like a smoking gun…

I found this post on the ALS.net forum posted recently (3/29/15):

These are my thoughts on what contributed to MY MND ONSET: (MND is another name for ALS or Lou Gerrig's Disease)
* Age at 1st mnd symptom = 41 (~sep 2012)
* Male
* Familial mnd = SOD1, mutation L127FS (previously known as L126delTT)
* Diagnosed july 2013
* Flail arm mnd (although I suspect it’s really upper limb onset als)
* Right arm onset (and still contained to right arm & hand only thus far)
* Disease duration thus far from 1st symptom = ~2.5 years

I believe more than one of the following factors contributed to my mnd onset:

1) SOD1 mutant gene – having mnd run in my family made me predisposed to the illness. My SOD1 mutation causes our sod1 amino acid sequence to become ‘incorrect’ at position 127 of the 154 amino acid sequence. This means that the order in which our amino acids are put together to produce the sod1 protein are perfect for the first 126 amino acids. From amino acid 127 to 154 the sequence/order of the amino acids becomes incorrect, it it substitutes amino acids 127-131 for other incorrect amino acids and then drops off completely amino acids 132 to 154. So I was already predisposed to mnd because of this however some people with this mutation NEVER get mnd, whereas others get it early in their 30/40’s whilst others get it in their 60’/70/80’s. this means that it takes more than the gene to cause mnd and I believe that cause or causes came from the below.

2) DIET (amino acids) in the 6 months prior to my mnd 1st symptoms I changed my diet to one of HIGH PROTEIN / MINIMAL CARBS COMPLEMENTED BY BODYBUILDING PROTEIN SHAKES. These protein shakes contain huge amounts of amino acids including the neurotoxic amino acids of aspartic acid and glutamic acid. Looking at the labels on these protein shakes I can now see that I was consuming 5-6 times the recommended daily allowance of these amino acids. In hindsight, a disaster in the making.

3) DIET (coke zero)– my daily intake of coke zero increased as I was trying to reduce body fat my consuming low/nil calorie drinks. Coke zero and diet coke both contain the neurotoxin aspartame.

4) DIET (CASHEWS) – At work I started consuming cashews as a morning and afternoon snack in largish amounts. I had never before eaten cashews on a regular basis. Cashews are very high in copper

5) DIET (Asian cuisine) – during this period in an attempt to eat “healthy” I started consuming Asian chicken stir fry dishes. As it turns out these are high in MSG, which is the worst version of glutamate and the most neurologically damaging.

I strongly believe that my diet above created the perfect storm for a GLUTAMATE & ASPARTAME LED NEUROTOXIC BOMB. You add the above diet to someone who has the sod1 mnd gene and BANG!!!

6) EXTREME PHYSICAL EXERCISE – I was training at the gym 5-6 times a week which consisted of heavy weights and cardio (note: I was not a bodybuilder, think more of an athletic/soccer players build)

7) DENTAL (AMALGAM FILLING REMOVAL) – this took place at least a year before mnd symptoms. Some amalgam (mercury) may have seeped into the bloodstream, not sure.

8) DENTAL (TEETH WHITENING) – the product used contained hydrogen peroxide and I first used it in march 2012 right up until my first mnd symptoms

9) INNER EAR INFECTION – this caused me some balancing issues back in march 2011, a good 16 or so months prior to first mnd symptoms

10) Physical injuries – in early 2011 I was found to have severe tennis elbow, shoulder impingement and a partially torn shoulder tendon in my right arm. IT IS IN THIS EXACT 20CM REGION THAT MY MND STARTED. Coincidence? I don’t know. I also sustained a short term sore back that lasted 1-2 months in may 2012
11) Medicines – I was prescribed NAPROXEN (anti-inflammatory) at time of the above right arm injuries, ie- 1.5 yrs prior to mnd 1st symptoms.

12) SWAPPED MY HEADACHE TABLET OF CHOICE - just prior to mnd onset I had switched from DISPRIN to NUROFEN as my go-to medication for headaches.

13) CIGARETTE SMOKE – I’m a non-smoker but have many friends who smoke

14) ALLERGIES >– allergic to both penicillin and banana, although I don’t believe either are relevant to my mnd onset

15) acid reflux - this started a good 2-3 years prior to mnd symptom onset however continues today. if I eat too quickly or I eat dry foods such as dry bread or chicken breast I sometimes develop severe hiccups. I've read that high glutamate levels can cause gastric acid. WOW – between the aspartame and glutamate sources – very telling – also pain meds, cooked oils (nuts)  and GERD – possible causes of a leaky gut.



For further study:

Milk's link to Parkinson's disease

Study our page on MSG/free glutamate here.






www.TeamSherzai.com Nice book on preventing and reversing Alzheimer's


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