"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."
- Albert Einstein

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Just the mention of the word strikes fear and pain in just about any American. Most have seen friends and love ones fall victim to this dreaded disease. It might come as a shock to you but the cure for cancer has been known for many, many years. In 1946 Dr Max Gerson presented to the US Congress his successful therapy that was curing cancer accompanied by 5 patients cured and 5 more medical records of cured patients. Not only did Congress do nothing, they have since passed laws to make it illegal in the US to treat cancer in any other way than chemo, surgery or radiation. Dr. Gerson went on to found a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico where he has been successfully treating all kinds of cancers and his daughter is still operating them with better than chemo success rates. If you have the slightest doubt that cancer is a result of an animal food based diet then the book "The China Study" will convince you beyond question. No one really can say what causes most cancers to begin, but eating animal products, sugar and chemically laden foods leaves the body clogged, acidic and the immune system weakened so badly that cancer has an easy time thriving. This is why the most successful way to treat cancer always involves a super healthy nearly raw plant based diet with lots of organic juicing, superfoods, and devoid of most grains and nearly all sugars and oils. The level of health and self healing on this regimen is foreign to most people in America. One of the saddest things we see is the poor nutrition of our children. Uninformed parents feed them nutritionally stripped, highly processed food day after day. Kid's menus in restaurants are almost all health damaging items. It's no wonder kids are always sick and children's cancer centers are busy. Give your kids raw vegetable based foods every day and you will be amazed at the many positive results. Raw plant based foods are full of what the body needs to be healthy. I pay special attention to kids I know who are vegan and even mostly raw vegan and these kids are the highest functioning, healthy kids you will ever meet. It makes a huge difference!

You might be surprised to learn that there is a simple blood test that is 95% accurate and tells if you have cancer or not. Called the AMAS test you can learn more about it here. It is not commonly used because our medical system is too focused on expensive treatments and drugs.

Step back and look at the animal kingdom as a whole. There are over 4500 mammals on earth and only 3 groups of them are currently having cancer epidemics. Humans, Cats and Dogs. It's no coincidence that these are also the only 3 species that eat their food processed and cooked. Nature supplies the perfect foods in their raw form but we have taken a major wrong turn in applying the full application of industrial practices to process live foods down to parts and powders, stripping all that was good for you out, and leaving a chemically distorted and acidic remnant that should not even be allowed to be called food. Then they add more chemicals like salt, oils and addictive glutamate flavor enhancer's to insure people love it.

Down the Wrong Path
There is no greater example of medicine gone down the wrong path than in how Cancer is treated in the US. Why has this happened? The facts point towards greed as the prime motivator. The cancer industry derives most of its profits from chemotherapy. Chemo drugs are the only prescription drugs that doctors sell with a markup. Both the drug companies and the treatment providers profit from the chemotherapy drugs and the medications used to combat the side effects. The obscene profits made off chemotherapy override any incentive to find a cure or better treatments. The cancer industry is estimated at 100 billion dollars. When you do your own research you will find that their toxic treatments have very poor prognosis for long term survival. >This Shocking new 2016 study shows chemo kills half of cancer patients, not cancer itself.  See CBS's 60 minutes 2014 special on this subject here. An even better discussion about chemo is here by Dr. Gonzales (Cornell/Kettering/Sloan).
Personally everyone I know who trusted only the medical treatment for cancer is either dead, had a serious reoccurrence of cancer, or is less than 5 years into survivability. Conversely everyone I know who took the nutritional paths are healthy today with no reoccurrence in that group and the survival of the top three I personally know is 35 yrs, 25 yrs and 22 yrs and all still going strong and healthy.

Protect Yourself
There are over 14,000 chemicals added to the food supply in the United States today. You are exposed to even more toxins from the air, water, exposure at work and in the home. It is believed that at least one cancer cell forms in our body every day but our immune system usually takes care of it. But today most people are suffering from severely depressed immune systems yet they are not aware of it. Add to this is the shocking disregard that mainstream medicine has for your immune system with many pharmaceuticals that treat everything from a runny nose to achy elbow that "target" the immune system to suppress it and thus the symptoms. This gives relieve but at a much greater risk of more serious diseases like cancer.

Getting your immune system back to 100%

In most people (eating the western diet laden with meat, dairy, oils, refined grains and sugar) their immune system is not working very well and the cancer cell lives to multiply. What causes one's immune system to not be functioning well? The answer is on our dinner table. Like the cancer industry, the food industry is more interested in profits than they are in supplying what's best for us. The result is that the foods that are the most unhealthy are the least expensive and shockingly even physically addicting. Those foods that don't have natural addicting qualities have chemicals added to make them addicting. In the industry its called the "Pleasure Trap". It won't be easy to break life long habits of what you eat especially when most of it has addictive qualities, especially the sugar and dairy, but if you truly want results that will likely save your life it's really not that hard to do when you make up your mind that you will do whatever it takes to regain your health.


#1 Rid your diet of sugar and dairy
This is the most important first step. When it comes to the immune system, it's the refined sugar (fructose in all it's forms see- Sugar - the whole story) and all dairy products that together are recognized as the most immune suppressing foods we eat. Of the top ten foods American's eat, 6 contain these immune suppressing foods. These are also two of the most addicting food groups known. Put them together and you have ice cream which I am sure you will agree is a very addicting food. It is even worse than that. A recent study just announced that almost 4 out of 10 breast cancers are caused by exposure to the Bovine Leukemia Virus found in a very high percentage of dairy products.

Sugar (fructose) is the trifecta of bad food. (A 60 minutes TV special called it a poison and a toxin). Not only does it suppress the immune system chemically, it also adds acidity to the body and it feeds tumors to make them grow fast. Most every alternative healing center that uses diet in this and other countries knows this and they put patients on a diet that has less than 15 grams of fructose a day (about the sweetness of one apple) and they get results. Sugar and Candida - What you need to know. Sugar may very well be the single most important thing to give up 100% when fighting cancer (or wanting to prevent it). That includes the sugars naturally found in fruits. Fruits are not the "natural" health food most people believe. Many that we eat today didn't exist 100 years ago. Fruits have been cross bread to make them way sweeter than they naturally would be.

Dairy - Dairy products weaken the immune system by sending the immune system on "wild goose chases" attacking the foreign dairy proteins (casein). It's worse than that because the resulting immune responses to dairy can also attack various soft healthy tissues in our body like joints (meniscus damage leading to arthritis. joint pain, knee & hip replacements), nerve casings (MS) and pancreas (diabetes and cancer). Dairy also has a second role in cancer promotion - the powerful growth hormone (IGF-1). Designed to help a calf grow rapidly these growth hormones are like "Miracle Grow" for cancer. - Here is a long video on the dangers of consuming dairy

Another good one here

#2 Rid your diet of inflammatory foods

Inflammation in the body is bad. It's a major factor in heart disease but for this discussion we will limit it effect to our ability to fight cancer. 80% of our immune system function is in our intestines. If the foods we eat are inflammatory to the digestive tract, then big problems occur and the immune system is compromised.
Here are the inflammatory foods and a brief discussion.

Inflammatory foods

A) Meat - hard to digest, creates a putrefaction in digestion, fats/oils are inflammatory and worse when cooked. Also meat is acidic. Recent studies show that a substance in meat called Neu5Gc is responsible for an inflammatory response that accelerates tumor growth. (see videos at top of this page). Meat also inflames our digestive tract causing leaky gut which sidetracks our immune system. Short video Think fish is OK? Better watch this documentary on farmed fish (example: salmon - the most toxic food ever tested). FISH INDUSTRY EXPOSE

B) Gluten - Wheat, Barley & Rye contain types of gluten that can be inflammatory to the lining of our intestines even in people not diagnosed with Celiac. Most people (especially whites from European descent) have gluten intolerance and thus have an inflamed intestinal lining due to gluten and don't even realize it. The lining if the intestines is a filter only one cell thick the separates digesting food from our blood. When that lining is damaged by gluten's inflammation we get leakage of foods and pathogens into our blood where the immune system will send out an attack, once again wasting it valuable energy. Grains are also acidic and cancer loves acidic conditions. Wheat (non-organic) is very high in glyphosate (Monsanto's Roundup weed killer) which wreaks havoc on your digestive flora and is linked to cancer. Also, wheat gluten is 40% glutamate by weight and when glutamate is heated or fermented it creates free glutamate which is MSG which is very health damaging, especially to your brain, eyes, and pancreas. See our MSG page to learn more about the free glutamate connection.Wheat is also a grain that is regularly bleached for use in processed foods which creates alloxan, a chemical so damaging to the pancreas scientists use it to create diabetic rats to do diabetes studies. (Note: bleaching flour is banned in Europe! VIDEO). Today's wheat has been hybridized to create way more gluten which makes it a much more health-damaging food. For any of these reasons, whether you are gluten "intolerant" or not it should be avoided completely. For a person fighting cancer it is critical to go 100% gluten free because the pancreas is critical in the bodies ability to fight cancer and wheat damages the pancreas in several ways. (that is why pancreatic cancer is the most deadly) A recent study (March 2016 NBC News) showed diets high in carbs (refined grains) spiked blood sugar and led to a 50% increase in lung cancer. My advice is to avoid it 100%.

C) Added Oils - Oils (especially cooked oils and fats) have shown to have an inflammatory effect on the body, especially the cardio vascular system. The immune system can't do its job properly if the body is in a constant state of inflammation.

D) Chemicals and toxins in genetically modified and factory produced foods. Glyphosate (Roundup) - Heartbreaking letter from dying EPA scientist begs Monsanto “moles” inside the agency to stop lying about dangers of RoundUp (glyphosate). Yes folks, you are being poisoned every day with this toxic herbicide. An organic, plant based diet is the sure way to get it out of your diet. Might be the biggest reason to eat organic and grow your own food.

E) Carrageenan (extracted from red edible seaweeds) is commonly found as a thickener in non dairy milks, yogurt and ice cream has been shown to disrupt the bond between epithelial cells in the intestines and cause gastrointestinal inflammation and very likely, leaky gut syndrome. Also a way to add free glutamate to a product.

F) Lectins can be a contributor to autoimmune diseases, leaky gut, and inflamation. Read about Lectins here.
Hard to avoid, just understand the big sources and keep to a minimum.

G) SALT - Yes our standard refined table salt is inflammatory. Use Pink Himalayan salt or gray celtic salt in moderation instead. Avoid all processed foods especially those with added salt. Learn More Here

The C**e for Cancer

The body has amazing capacity to heal itself. We don't pretend to have all the answers to every cancer. The information here is put together from years of personal observation as to what works and what doesn't and the opinions of many doctors who have discovered that the body will cure itself if you just give it the fuel it was meant to run best on. There are over 100 different types of cancer and they all behave and respond differently to treatment. There is no magic pill or supplement that will cure cancer. Our immune system is the only tool we have that can eradicate cancer from the body.

Enzymes of the pancreas are involved in helping the immune system to fight cancer by being able to dissolve the protein shield cancer uses to hide from the immune system. When the pancreas is damaged by chemicals in processed and restaurant foods like "free glutamate", an acidic diet or by our immune response to dairy proteins, those enzymes are in short supply and cancer can flourish unrecognized by the immune system. This is one reason that Pancreatic Cancer is the deadliest cancer with a survival rate of only 25% in the first year and 6% after 5 years. This is because without the pancreas working properly the immune system is not able to "see" the cancer as an invader and attack it. The biggest risk to your pancreas is an acidic diet that includes soda, meat, dairy, sugar, refined grains and chemically laden processed foods.

Studying the centers around the world that are well known for success in curing cancer there is one common thread... an ORGANIC WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED DIET with at least 85% of the foods in their raw form, less than 15 grams of fructose a day, with the addition of lots of fresh squeezed vegetable juices, and superfoods.

(One would be wise to assume you already have cancer growing inside you somewhere since autopsy studies back this up especially the older you are.)

This list is almost entirely designed to repair your digestive system which will strengthen your immune system because your immune system is the only tool you have that works against cancer.

A) No Dairy - Get all dairy products out of your diet – Every molecule. The growth hormones in dairy (IGF-1) make cancers grow faster and the protein in dairy (casein) is strongly linked to breast, prostate, liver and colon cancer. Dairy causes our immune system to launch an attack on the dairy proteins which weakens the immune system and under certain conditions (lack of vitamin D from sunlight is one) cause the immune system to attack your own cells which can damage the pancreas (diabetes), soft tissue in joints (arthritis – meniscus erosion) and nerve casing (MS). 

B) No Sweets - sugars of all types feed cancer cells. Get all sugar and fructose out of your diet. Sugar disables your immune system and damages the chemistry of your body in almost 100 other ways. For a healthy immune system your daily intake of fructose should be less than 15 grams which is about the sweetness of one apple. (yes when fighting cancer, fructose in fruits is almost as bad as table sugar).  This one is the hardest to do because sugar is as addicting as cocaine and dairy is very addicting as well. Sadly the high levels of sugar/fructose in our children’s diet is the primary reason they are sick all the time and get cancer because their immune system is all but shut down from the huge amounts of sugar in every meal. Do not think diet soda is the answer. Nutrasweet (aspartame) is a toxic chemical that causes brain, eye, and pancreas damage as well as leading to cancer. A new (2015) study and this 2017 update linked it to leukemia in men and women  - multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma in men. Drink water, tea, fresh lemonade or better - fresh squeezed juices. Lightly sweeten with Stevia if you want it "sweet".


C) No Meat or Fish- Give up all meat, eggs and fish.  These clog up your circulatory system, inflame the body and cause leaky gut, acidify the body and make for the ideal acidic environment for cancer to thrive and immune system to be suppressed.
Animal protein has been shown to cause and accelerate cancers, especially the casein in milk. Grilled meat is the worst as the "char" is a proven carcinogen and linked to colon cancer.


D) Go Mostly Raw Plant Based - Shift your diet to 85%  raw organic vegetables especially green leafy vegetables and variety of  mushrooms,  with small amounts of seeds,  legumes, gluten free organic grains,  nuts and occasional fresh fruits. Limit added oils to tiny amounts of olive oil or coconut oil and no cooked oils. Ideally 40% of what you eat should be green leafy vegetables. The top 4 nutritional powerhouse greens are kale, collards, mustard greens and watercress.


E) Go Gluten Free – Wheat and other non-organic grains are usually high in Monsanto's Roundup weed killer which is known to damage our good intestinal bacteria and cause non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Grains have been hybridized to contain many more times the gluten as was natural just 50 yrs ago. The excess gluten from Wheat, Barley & Rye is very irritating to your intestinal wall and can thus inhibit your immune system and prevent proper absorption of vitamins and minerals. There are lots of alternative breads and pasta made from quinoa, rice, millet, lentils and other grains so its easy to make this switch. Gluten is also high in free glutamate which will concern you when you learn all about MSG in our food here.

Read more here:

More reasons to get grains out

Gluten Intolerance discussed (Natural News) It's more common than you think

Gluten Intolerance article -very interesting! (download the .pdf file)


F) Eat Cancer fighting foods - Here is a good article on immune boosting superfoods
Eat all these regurlarly:
one of the best cancer fighting foods - chop it up and add it to salads.

Turmeric root has been shown to eradicate cancer in this study and Ginger
Order these Turmeric capsules to make it easy to take regularly.
Such a great anti inflammatory - can replace NSAID pain relievers.
Also induces cancer cell death - watch this short video

Cruciferous Vegetables -that include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, arugula, cabbage, kale, and cauliflower
Read this latest research (May 2019) on why they may be the strongest cancer fighting food available.

Vegetables with zeaxanthins found in orange peppers, kiwi fruit, red grapes and kale. (eat raw).

Flax seed (freshly ground or frozen ground) - great source of omega 3 oils and lots of cancer fighting compounds.

Broccoli Sprouts - It has been discovered that broccoli sprouts have up to 50 times more of the cancer-fighting phytochemical, Sulforaphane than regular broccoli. You can learn much more about sulforaphane's here (search the videos for keyword Sulforaphane) It’s easy to grow your own broccoli sprouts, just buy some organic broccoli seed and a set of growing trays  from WheatGrassKits.com. More Here

- another one with good cancer fighting properties.

Sour Sop
- A tropical fruit with studies to show some powerful anticancer properties - read about it here
.(Oct 2012 study)

Roasted and raw added to smoothies, beets can increase the oxygen in your blood which cancer does not like. Better stamina and energy too. Better circulating and oxygenated blood does a better job fighting cancer.
Regular exercise helps the blood circulate better too.

Celery - Shown to have wonderful anti-cancer properties. Juice it for breakfast every morning (must be organic)

MUSHROOMS - Cooked is better for anti cancer properties. Read More Here. Eat both cooked and raw to be sure.
Turkey Tail Mushrooms can help the immune system fight cancer. Read This


G) Green Juice - Buy a masticating juicer and juice wheat grass, watercress, celery and occasionally other greens to make a green juice drink every day.  A manual hand crank juicer is about $134 shipped like this Hurricane Juicer  (be prepared for some sore arms to juice wheat grass) or an electric version like an  Omega 8006 Juicer for $299.   Or this high end Tribest Green Star GSE 5000 for about $550.The high speed centrifugal juicers don’t work well for green leafy vegetables or at all for wheat grass which is what you really need to be juicing. To get started just make green smoothies in a blender with several greens and a small bit of fruit. If you are putting lots of various greens in a blender you can bypass juicing, new studies show getting the fiber yields more of the nutrients than juicing.
In Cincinnati you can get trays of wheatgrass at 80 Acres Farm.


H) Reduce Stress - Do not underestimate this critical step!!! Take steps to reduce stress to that of a Budist monk, try meditation/yoga. It makes a big difference in survivability. Stress causes the body to release the same chemicals as it does for injury/inflammation which disrupt the immune system. Good article here.
app seems pretty good way to intigrate it into your life.


I) Exercise - Exercise once or better yet twice a day, every day. Nothing too exhausting till you are cancer free. Just get the blood flowing and heart rate up like fast walking. Getting oxygen to the body helps fight cancer. Cancer likes an acidic body that is low in oxygen and most Americans are in that state. When one fuels the body properly with raw greens and plant based meals the body is no longer acidic and thus can carry 60% more oxygen in our blood. Add exercise to your new healthy diet and you bathe your entire system with lots more oxygen. Cancer hates this.


J) Alkalinize - Starting the day with juice of one half lemon with warm water way before any food is helpful to healing from a life of an acidic diet. Following the dietary advice of this page will put you on an alkaline diet. This is part of the science of why a plant based diet is healthier.

pH of the Human Body and why its critical is a long 3 page read but worth it if you like to understand the basic science of how the body works. (This is one major reason why a plant based diet makes the body work better). To understand this concept of how acidic foods damage the body is key to understand how to best fuel the body. The typical American diet is way too acidic. Not anything you need to measure or try to eliminate all acidic foods, this article just helps you understand why a whole food, plant based diet works better for the body.

ph chart of what foods are acidic and which ones are alkaline - tape it to your fridge so you can stay to the alkaline side and avoid the acidic foods. Strive to eat 80% alkaline foods and limit the acidic foods to things like nuts, legumes, and seeds and small amounts of whole gluten free grains. Avoid the most acidic foods like soda, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, shellfish, sugar and white flour. Don't dwell on trying to eat only alkaline foods, just keep the acidic foods to a minimum.


K) Get help - Consider a couple week stay at Hippocrates Institute (West Palm Beach), Halalujah Acres (NC), or True North in Santa Rosa, California especially if you would need help doing the above list. With some minor variations, the above list is how they both treat cancer, very successfully.


L) Antioxidants - Take Curcumin and or Astaxanthin  supplements and eat some almonds every day.  Just some good antioxidants to help your body thrive in a toxic environment. Almonds have laetrile in them and since the FDA has run everyone out of the country who tries to treat cancer using laetrile there must be something good about it. Recently there have been some promising reports of using the cannabis plant (juiced or extracted oils - not smoked) as an effective treatment for cancer. (See "R" below) Understand that there is not one magic pill or herb that will heal all cancers, but a combination of all things good in nature that are health enhancing and eliminating all things that are health damaging.


M)  Take a Probiotic Supplement - Take a probiotic supplement regularly to keep the proper bacterial flora in your gut. Probiotics help your immune system function and keeps your intestines healthy and able to absorb more nutrients.
IMPORTANT! When taking chemo, radiation or even just antibiotics you should be taking probiotics with it and well past the finish. Get a good quality probiotic (capsules) and keep them in the fridge. I like these from Vitacost.
Read more about why probiotics can save your life, especially during chemo here: http://www.naturalnews.com/041449_chemotherapy_probiotics_antibiotics.html
Keeping your digestive tract healthy is a key aspect to fighting cancer. Sugar and Candida - What you need to know.


N) Take Vitamin D and B12 supplements. This is critical to good health. Ideally you can get it through your exposed skin to the mid day sun. Low sun, through glass, or north of Atlanta from Oct - April will not give you the UVB rays you need to make vitamin D naturally. In these cases you just get the skin damaging UVA. It is possible to get UVB from sun lamps but some have more UVB than others so check each source. I take liquid Vitamin D supplements (Try this one).
You should be taking at least 3000-6000IU's of vitamin D3 daily to every few days. More info.

Vitamin D has been shown to support:
Aids Immune System
Cognitive Functions
Reduces MS Risk
Healthy Body Weight
Reduces Asthma Symptoms
Reduces Cancer Risk
Reduces Heart Attack Risk
Protects Against Diabetes
Controls Blood Pressure
Strengthens Bones and Teeth
Reduces Inflammation and Pain
Reduces Depression

The main function of vitamin D is to regulate the absorption of phosphorus and calcium in our bones, and aid in cell to cell communication throughout the body. You may find it surprising how important food-based active vitamin D is for your health. Most people think vitamin D is a vitamin, however, the active form of vitamin D is one of the most potent HORMONES in your body that regulates more genes and bodily functions than any other hormone yet discovered. It has been estimated that one billion people worldwide are vitamin D deficient. Individuals with optimum levels of vitamin D can expect better health across the board. Watch this 30 min video to learn how critical vitamin D is. I even give it to my pets as they don't get enough sun either. Research the need for vitamin K3 along with vitamin D. Get K3 from fermented foods.

 B12 supplement should be taken when you avoid all meat, dairy or dirt. There is some disagreement as to the need but it's safe to take it and your body stores it well for many months, just don't go years without it as a vegan.Try this one

O) Take a Melatonin supplement - Melatonin levels are critical to cancer suppression. Blue wavelenght light supresses melatonin production. Also get good nights sleep in total darkness for more than the usual 8hrs, Here is a great video that explains why: 52 Min Video By Dr Russel J. Reiter Ph.D University of Texas.




P) Avoid all plastic bottles and canned goods - Plastic bottles and canned goods are made with a plastic chemical called BPA (Bisphenol -A). This chemical leaches into the food or water in the can or bottle. It is an estrogen like chemical and has been shown to damage male sex organs, especially in babies, has a strong link to breast and prostate cancers and can accelerate other cancers. Don't let plastic touch your food, especially if heated. "BPA Free" on the label does not mean it is safe as the replacement chemicals are just as bad. Watch this short video to learn more.

Q) Drink only good clean water. Stay well hydrated. There are really only two good choices today for clean water:
A) Buy glass bottled Mountain Valley Spring water (1 liter of 5 gallon jugs) from Aqua Falls Co in Fairborn, OH - They deliver in Cincinnati. aqfservice@gmail.com 937-864-5495
B) Install a reverse osmosis filter system and add clean minerals back into the filtered water.
Drink more between meals. Don't dink during meals as it dilutes stomach acid and lessens the proper digestion of food.

R) Avoid toxic herbicides like Roundup (glyphosate) - Here is info on how it can damage your digestive tract, immune system and organs. To avoid it you should eat organic as much as possible and never eat non organic wheat, soy, canola, or corn or anything on the "Dirty Dozen" list.


S) "OTHER" ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS - There are two other internationally recognized treatments for cancer that are promising and should be included in your research. Oxygen Therapies that increase the oxygen in the blood through various means (some involving ozone) and Cannabis oil. From all the reports and cases studies I have read I believe they both have very good results and both are safe when done properly. Either of these or both may be a good plan when combined with a super healthy diet as described above. I encourage you to look into these. A good place to start would be at the GET WELL CENTER in Mansfield, OH. Do the diet as described above first, then supplement with these if you feel the diet is not enough and your budget can survive it. Here are a few good links:
CANNABIS OIL: See our page on Medical Cannabis
Interview with Viki Vaurora, who claims to have cured a cancer patient using Cannabis

2017 - London researchers show Cannabis effective in treating Leukemia

Top 10 Cannabis Studies of 2014
Spain and Isreal appear to be the leaders in using cannabis to cure disease - look it up (Spain just got rated #1 healthiest country (2019)
Woman Cures Terminal Lung Cancer Using Unusual Cannabis Delivery Technique
Dr Sanjay Gupta's "WEED 2" Documentary
43 min video - very good from CNN
RUN FROM THE CURE - Full Version 1 hr video - very good about Rick Simpson cannabis oil story

Antineoplastons a remarkable breakthrough cancer treatment invented by Houston based Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has finally been lifted by the FDA This treatment might be worth looking into especially for brain cancer.

Polio Virus - CBS 60 Minutes did a news report in March 2015 about a study ongoing at Duke University using the polio virus to stimulate the body to attack the cancer cells - looks promising for aggressive neo-blastoma brain cancer, maybe others too.

Used overseas quite a bit.
Ozone therapy looks promising. I would not use it as primary treatment, perhaps supplemental to the diet/lifestyle list above. Locally the only place I have heard that does it is GET WELL CENTER in Mansfield, OH


SUPPLEMENT WITH IODINE - Iodine has strong anticancer properties and iodine deficiency is known to be a root cause of common cancers of the thyroid, breast, prostate, ovaries and endometrial tissues so if you have or had any of these cancers you should definitely start on iodine. It is an essential nutrient to human health and we are not getting nearly enough from the iodized salt. See our IODINE PAGE HERE and be sure to read the whole page before starting iodine.

That's a big list of things to do or not do.

Don't feel overwhelmed. The first step is just start eating a whole foods plant based diet - that is make simple meals from whole foods and single ingredient spices. Lots of salads and juiced vegetables are best. Make your own salad dressings from lemon, lime, champaign vinegar and other specialty vinegars and spices with avocado or tahinni. Keep it simple at first then add new recipes. One of the simplest meals is a baked sweet potato and salad. Bake several on Monday and warm up for a meal wednesday and friday.

The Spin on cancer:

Most doctors/oncologist's will tell you “diet/nutrition” doesn't work against cancer.
The oncologist will use radiation on you that damages your immune system and likely causes new cancers.
The oncologist will fill you full of poisons that nearly kills you (and usually does if you let them do it long enough).
At this point, you, your insurance company or your employer has probably spent enough on these “treatments” to buy a nice house.
If you survive they send you home as “cured” where you continue the diet/lifestyle that allowed cancer to grow initially and soon to return as chemo drugs and radiation have been shown to create new cancers and if you go back to the same diet and lifestyle that allowed the cancer to thrive in the first place you are setting yourself up for a major reoccurrence of this terrible disease. Sadly the medical "business" has a reckless disregard for your immune system which is the ONLY thing that will cure you of cancer. They think nothing of giving you drugs for allergies or arthritis that suppress or shut down your immune system to stop the symptoms of the body attacking itself. Similarly the radiation, CT scans and chemo used to "treat" cancer damages the immune system terribly, and likely initiates new cancers to start and they will thrive because your immune system is so suppressed. This story exposes the "big business" of repeat cancers which should be no surprise when you consider the current system sends people home as "cured" to return to the same unhealthy diet that caused and allowed their first cancer to grow.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein

It should be obvious that the “nutritional approach” is not where the money is hence it has no place in the allopathic business model of only treating the symptoms using poison, cut and burn modality.  Cancer is just a symptom of a body so out of whack it can’t heal itself.

When you take away all the health damaging foods and eat only the best health enhancing foods the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself. This is true for almost all health problems seen today. 

One note of caution: Switching immediately from the standard American diet (SAD) to what is described above all at once will cause a toxic load upon your kidneys, liver and Lymph system because as your body burns lots of your fat, the toxins stored in your fat cells are released into the blood and have to be filtered out. Unless you have been on a really clean organic diet with very little meat or dairy, it's best to transition to this healing diet over several weeks. The more body fat you have, the slower the transition should be. If you are fighting cancer, you should consult an expert well versed on the techniques to detox the body quickly and safely (consult holistic doctors for this). The key is take detox slow, drink lots of water, and minimize fasting at first. You may feel lousy for a week or two during this detox process. This is normal and necessary for the body to begin healing itself as it rids itself of the toxins stored in your fat cells.


So your doctor says " Don't eat raw fruits and vegetables" because they can be biologically dangerous. He/she are basing that advice on an "err on the side of caution" recommendation that has long been proven wrong. Read the full article here
Raw greens, vegetables and a very limited amount of unsweet fruits are essential to a strong functioning immune system which is your only weapon to fight cancer. I have been eating a diet high in raw nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables since 2004 and have never had any kind of food poisoning.

Local Cincinnati Area Survivors: Healing Cancer without Chemo or Radiation

Mike Fremont -
97 yrs old, cancer free (stage 4 colorectal) for 26 years on a plant based diet.
He is so healthy on his life saving diet he is setting world records in distance running!
See a long 73 min interview with Mike shot in Feb, 2016 below.

In 2019 Mike ran 2 half marathons, 2 10K races and participated in several marathon canoe races at 97 yrs old!

Bill Hale
- cancer free since 1995

Bill was diagnosed with metastasized prostate cancer in Dec ’95.  He had just witnessed his wife die from lung cancer and decided to fight his cancer with nutrition even though the doctors were recommending surgery and chemo.
He did some research and ended up following the advice of George Malkmus of Halleluiah Acres for a mostly raw plant based diet.  It worked. Over 24 years later Bill is still healthy and thriving.
I shot this 7 min video of his story in June of 2008 at his home in Westchester. 


Thinking about doing chemo - watch this guys story

Here is a document that lists some good local cancer support resources in Cincinnati

ARTICLES/VIDEOS on specific cancer topics:

Chris Wark's experience beating colon cancer: 37 min video

Tests that detect cancer - There are several good blood tests that can detect cancer cell and even pinpoint the source of the cancer. Sadly mainstream medicine is not using these at all or to their potential.
RGCC - Cancer Test - Measures circulating cancer stem cells - closest doctor using this test is in Mansfield, OH
ONCOBlot test - Will cost you about $1,080, not covered by most insurance.

1/15/18 What does one of the best nutritional researchers in the US say about cancer? Read his paper Part 1, Part 2

8/2017 Healing Prostate cancer with diet; two short videos:Part 1 Part 2

7/2017 Big pharma scams cancer patients with ineffective drugs, false hopes and high prices

7/2017 Study finds chemo for breast cancer CAUSES cancer to metasticize faster

Nice 2015 interview with an oncologist nurse - 28 minutes - some great advice!

American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute -
Criminal indifference to cancer prevention and conflicts of interest," The NCI and ACS have spent tens of billions of taxpayer and charity dollars focusing on money making treatments while prevention has been all but excluded, and the nutritional approach to healing cancer has been attacked and subverted at every opportunity which has allowed cancer rates to skyrocket and countless people to die needlessly.

Already had Cancer? This article is for you.

BRAIN CANCER - New government study show cell phones do cause brain tumors May 31, 2016

Breast Cancer - on 8/19/11 I witnessed one of the worst moments one could ever conceive…. A good friend of mine breaking down as they wheeled his 27yr old daughters closed casket out of the visitation area. Breast cancer took that sweet mother of two, the quote that jumped out at me from her blog she kept of the 24 months of chemo that did nothing but keep her in agony … “My dad used to say I drank more milk than anyone he’d ever seen”.  Her blog of 27 months of "treatment" that ended in her death is one of the saddest things I have ever read. Only once did she mention someone told her diet might help but she never mentioned it again. Likely her doctor told her it wouldn't make any difference. Learn more on dairy's link to breast cancer here.... It's the strongest correlation to cancer from any food.

2013 Another close friend lost his wife to unnecessary chemo. Two very tiny lumps in one breast just found by accident but they recommended chemo anyway "just to be safe". 5 days after the first dose of chemo a section of her colon died and started necritising. Emergency surgery to remove a section of her colon and the strongest antibiotics failed to stop the infection and she died 5 weeks later of sepsis. A simple recomendation to take probiotics during chemo would have likely prevented this tragic death of a young woman.

What about genes? Studies have shown genes can increase your risk of a predisposed disease by 2-5%. The other 95-98% is diet and lifestyle...HELLO.
Doctors love to talk about genes because it shifts the fault onto something you were born with and can't do anything about and away from the truth which is you have cancer because your diet and lifestyle resulted in a weak, damaged immune system and malnutrition making the ideal, acidic enviroment for cancer to thrive. Sadly, some doctors are playing games with statistics to scare women with the breast cancer gene into removing their breasts as a preventative measure.
Criminal reckless endangerment is the only term that fits here. Reports (2014) have exposed this as an unnecessary and radical suggestion. Very sad for the woman who followed the advice of their "cancer" specialist and had breast(s) removed out of fear.

Nice video testimonial from a breast cancer survivor (10 yrs)

Breast Cancer - Mammography: Good points made in this article: Mammography CAUSES breast cancer, thermography is much safer and more accurate diagnosis. The breast cancer industry is in the business of finding new customers for their toxic, overpriced treatments. It covers most topics well except the most important one being that if you rid your diet of meat, dairy and sugar you can heal the cancer within.
Here is a good video from Dr. Ruth Heidrich who is a long term survivor of breast cancer using only diet change as a treatment.

Breast Cancer Survivor Says Raw Food Diet Helped Her Heal - article and 28 min video

Breast Cancer - Overdiagnosis data and statistical analysis

Cancer is a metabolic disease - Interesting article!

Chemo - Cancer breakthrough: Probiotics may save patients from deadly chemotherapy; antibiotics may cause chemo to be fatal - If you are on chemo now or know someone who is on it - this article is critical to read and follow.

Watch 5:19 Video: If Chemotherapy Fails 97% Of The Time, Why Do Doctors Recommend It?


Chemotherapy backfires - causes healthy cells to feed growth of cancer tumors - Ever since chemotherapy was introduced into the practice of western medicine, doctors and oncologist's have been trying to answer this nagging question: Why does chemotherapy seem to work at first, but then cancer tumors cells grow back even more aggressively while the body becomes resistant to chemotherapy?
It turns out that chemotherapy damages healthy cells, causing them to secrete a protein that accelerates the growth of cancer tumors. Read More


CHEMO - It's true! Chemotherapy causes brain damage, and the latest science confirms it:

Chemo shown in several studies to cause cancer to spread

Chemo causes secondary cancers Dec 2017

Chemo- Pharmacists give themselves cancer from dispensing toxic chemotherapy chemicals

CORN GMO Corn shown to cause tumors - better to eat only organic corn or best, none at all.

MEAT - Two short videos explain how eating meat accelerates tumor growth:

The Inflammatory Meat Molecule Neu5Gc

How Tumors Use Meat to Grow: Xeno-Autoantibodies

Does animal protein really cause cancer? Watch this 45 min video by the author of "The China Study" and you will be totally convinced. Celebrated Cornell University professor T. Colin Campbell Phd, presents the overwhelming evidence showing that animal protein is one of the most potent carcinogens people are exposed to.

Ovarian Cancer - Nice article that relates the latest info.

Prostate Cancer - Watch this video of my friend Bill Hale and how he cured his prostate cancer in 1995 (6:42 min). He is still healthy and cancer free today 20 years later. One of the easiest cancers to cure with diet. Still doing great and sticking to a plant based diet last we spoke Nov 17, 2015.

Orthodox prostate cancer treatments actually PROLIFERATE cancer growth

Pancreatic Cancer - the most deadly of all cancers. With a 5 yr survival rate of only 3% it is the 4the leading cause of cancer deaths. Here is a good article on things you should know and using tumeric to help fight it.

RADIATION - Warning: Doctors giving cancer patients too much radiation


What to do to help your body fight cancer - You must assume that you have cancer already growing, especially if you are over 40.
There is no magic pill to cure cancer. Getting your body fueled in the healthiest possible way is the best way to prevent, slow down and very likely cure cancer.

What are the Top 7 Natural Cures for Cancer and why does Western Medicine lie, cheat and steal to keep you from knowing them? - Nice article

Almonds fight cancer - here's how (laetrile)


CURCUMIN - Curcumin – a derivative of turmeric, and the pigment that gives the curry spice turmeric its yellow-orange color -- is a natural compound that has been extensively researched, and has been found to have numerous health applications. Studies and data indicate it has good cancer fighting properties and anti-inflamatory properties. More on Curcumin colon and skin cancer treatments here. For treating Pancreatic cancer with tumeric see here.

Burzynski, Stanislaw Dr. treats cancer in Texas with patented Antiplastons despite years of the FDA trying to put him in jail
This is an amazing story of how the FDA acts as thugs for the drug industry and actively suppresses a cure that works way better than chemo with no side effects. Because of the FDA you have to go to Texas to get treated this way. Best survival rates with brain tumors.
Burzynski The Movie - Cancer Is Serious Business - The full movie (1hr 47 min) is now free online - a must watch! Click here

Greg Canton - Another amazing story that broke 9/14/11 on how far the FDA will go to stop herbal treatments for cancer.

I Will Not Be Pinkwashed: Komen's Race is for Money, Not the Cure - The term "pinkwashing" has been coined to describe this deceptive trend, with sponsoring companies claiming they have joined the fight against breast cancer while engaging in practices that contribute to the disease. The Komen Foundation receives mega-millions in sponsorship dollars from such corporations and it controls the message so that the truth of the true causes and cure for breast cancer is never mentioned.

Komen for the Cure caught in mammography propaganda fraud; scientists blast agenda of deception

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