"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."
- Albert Einstein

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High Blood Pressure
This page last updated 5/3/19

High blood pressure is caused by a variety of issues but the biggest ones are the clogging up of your cardio vascular system and too much salt. Getting all the cholesterol and cooked oils out of your diet and limiting your salt intake will fix most all high blood pressure problems in short order. Over a 1000 people die of high blood pressure EVERY DAY! (2015 stats)

Focus on these things and blood pressure will normalize:

1. Unclog your arteries - If your heart is having a heard time pushing the blood through the small capilaries of your cirulatory system it is certain you have clogged it them with the long term buildup of placques from the damaging effects of cooked animal fats and oils. The only proven way to "unclog" this is a 100% plant based diet with no added oils. See our Heart Disease page for more on this and how to do it.

2. Lower salt intake - Salt thickens the blood and raises the pressure. Not the cause of high blood pressure, just aggravates it. Use Pink Himalayan salt or Celtic Sea Salt only (these salts affect blood pressure much less than regular table salt) but still keep it to a minimum and avoid processed and restaurant food which is usually high in sodiun. Good article on high blood pressure.

3. Eliminate the soures of "free glutamate" (MSG) in your diet. This excitotoxin can have effects like racing heart beat and a host of other ways it messes with the chemical control systems that control our autonomic functions. See our MSG page to learn all the ways food companies slip this toxin into their over processed, bland food to make it taste great.

4. Lack of vitamin D and Green leafy vegetables and beets. Sunlight may also have benefits beyond vitamin D, Our body appears to use the sun’s rays to maximize the effects of the greens we eat: Within 30 minutes of exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight, we can get a significant drop in blood pressure and improvement in artery function, thanks to a burst of nitric oxide-releasing compounds that flow into our bloodstream. We can even measure the nitric oxide gas coming straight off our skin. Of course, we have to eat greens or beets in the first place, but that combo of greens and sunlight may help explain some of the protection that plant-based eaters experience.

Fats and oils (especially when cooked) are inflamatory to the artery walls.
This damaging irritation causes the arteries to constrict which raises blood pressure.
The cholesterol in the blood attempts to "repair" the inflamatory damage by sticking to the artery walls. Over many years this buildup clogs the arteries and makes blood pressure even higher.
Nitrates in green leafy vegetables and beets releases into the blood stream and causes the arteries to relax and widen (unless they are so damaged they are no longer flexible) in which case a major diet change is the only path back to energetic good health and normal blood pressure.

High Blood pressure is a choice... Watch this video











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