"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."
- Albert Einstein

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(this page last updated 4/2/20)

ACID REFLUX (GERD) - This is a great article by Mercola.com that explains the cause and easy remedies. One comment not covered is that food like, meat and dairy takes much longer to break down in your stomach which tends to make the situation worse. Also the constipation caused by meat, dairy, and breads causes the stomach to be pushed upwards which creates a higher likelyhood for acid reflux as explained HERE.. Also overeating can have the same effect. Gerd can also be caused/aggravated by the bacterium H.pylori - learn more here
PPI Drugs linked to Alzheimer's! DIET of animal fats is a major cause - Read this
New study in 2017 shows 50% increase in death rate from long term use

2019 study links PPI's to stomach cancer, fatal heart and kidney damage
Natural way to help with regular heartburn problem is : 1. Never drink water (or other drinks) with meals wait at least 2 hrs after a meal. 2. Cut greasy, fatty foods and limit the amount of carbohydrates (breads, crackers, pasta) in your diet to small amounts per day. 3. Supplement with 1-2 tsp of pure inulin (prebiotic fiber) powder per day. (Read This) 4. Avoid eating too much at one sitting.

ADHD Fluoride in our drinking water is an endocrine-disrupting chemical linked to impaired memory, attention-deficit hyperactive disorder and lowered IQ in children. Full story here. Also free glutamate is linked to ADHD and it is at an all time high in the American diet. See our MSG page to learn all about free glutamate and watch the video by a mom who figured out how free glutamate effected her daughters behavior on www.unblindmymind.org. A gluten free, whole food plant based diet is the quick cure, as well as getting bottled water or a reverse osmosis filter. In Cincinnat the best bottled water is available from Crystal Springs Co in 5 gallon glass bottles from Mountain Vally Water. They will even supply a dispenser and deliver.

ALZHEIMER's - 3 min video by Dr Michael Gregor. Turmeric as a treatment/prevention of Alzheimer's
We now believe Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS and Dementia are a combination of the lifelong brain damage caused toxins in the food supply like Monsanto's Glyphosate, by free glutamate in processed foods, and heart disease clogging the arteries to and in the brain, starving it of oxygen. (the brain uses 40% of the oxygen of the body!) Learn much more on our page brain diseases.

Angiogenisis - The bodies system to grow new blood vessals - cancer depends on this system being out of balance.

ASTHMA - People on an unhealthy diet have a weak immune system and a lot of inflammation which are the major issues affecting those with ASTHMA. Vitamin D has been shown to help - watch short video.
Eliminating all dairy and sugars will help strengthen the immune system, taking probiotics and eating a plant based diet will likely rid all symptoms of this disease.

Wow. 2017 study shows sulphurathane has remarkable positive effects on autistic people. 5:41 video
Watch all 3 videos on this page first https://unblindmymind.org/
How a Physician Cured Her Son's Autism...
   How a Physician Cured Her Son's Autism...
Mercury in fillings and vaccinations linked to autism.
Proven advice on autism - from a doctor who cured her son's autism after her own profession said it was impossible... Inside: the brain's silent autism partner, the risk-assessment test you must do in the first few weeks of life, and much more...
Two more videos of success stories:
Changes to her autistic son's diet made a tremendous impact in just three days. Video Part 1 (8:01) Part II (6:42)

AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE - There are a lot of "Theories about what causes autoimmune diseases. Dairy is one of the leading theories when coupled with leaky gut syndrome caused by a poor diet of inflammatory foods, Vitamin D seems to have a protective effect and since most people are extremely low in vitamin D; especially in the winter, that is the first thing you should do is get vitamin D levels way up. Eliminating every molocule of dairy from your diet is critical and eat a whole food, plant based diet to heal your digestive system.

This video explains that bacterial infections are the cause
Since dairy is linked to increased bladder infections, it is also linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis Good 2017 article on that here. Another study (Dec 2014) links refined salt to autoimmune diseases. Read about it here.
One thing is for sure. If you have Arthritus is is your body telling you your diet is damaging you.
Advice: Get on a whole food,, no oil, plant based diet. Treat your digestive system to small, clean meals. Avoid all chemicals, pharmacueticals, and alcohol. See how you do after 4 mos.

Back Pain - This article finds clogged arteries to the spine as a likely cause. I have personal experience with severe back pain. After 30+ years of suffering lower back pain blamed on a herniated l5 disk, It was chronic, low grade pain but sometimes so severe I was bedridden for 1-3 days. It has completely disappeared after going gluten free and getting regular chiropractic adjustments. Not sure which fixed it - maybe both but whichever I can't believed I suffered so many years of chronic pain and lots of aspirin and occasional NSAIDS. It has been 8 years now without any pain whatsoever and its not like I go easy on it. I water ski and snow ski competitively. Stretching the hamstrings regularly is also really important to keep pelvis aligned.

Bi-Polar - Here is another disease of a poor diet that manifests as wild swings in one's personality. The brain is a chemical computer. When our chemistry is off, it does not work properly. There is no better local story that supports this than Author Suzy Hoseus - View her video talk at Earthsave meeting April 18th, 2010 Cincinnati, Oh Her book: Healing Bipolar and Depression: lifelearningministries.org/ Suzy Hoseus was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the early 1980’s. She was hospitalized and told there was no cure for her disorder. After twenty years of medications and several hospitalizations, she was at the end of her rope. Through the healing effects of the raw food plant based diet today she is symptom-free and has not had so much as an aspirin since 2000. Psych drugs have killed more than 5 million people over the last 10 years. Don't be a victim of more bad chemistry from the drug companies. If they knew what they were doing there would be no side effects for any drug they marketed.

BPA - A chemical found in plastic packaging, bottles and cash register receipts that has been found in large amounts in human blood and can be very disruptive to health. Watch this short video
Get yourself a nice stainless thermos drink bottle and avoid drinking or eating any products stored in plastic. Don't handle receipts but if you do, wash ASAP, especially before eating.

C.DIFF (Clostridium Difficile) Under the logic that bacteria thrives in an acidic environment the goal is to alkanalize the diet by eating mostly plant foods.
C.Diff recommendations...


pH of the Human Body and why its critical is a long 3 page read but worth it if you like to understand the basic science of how the body works. (This is one major reason why a plant based diet makes the body work better). To understand this concept of how acidic foods damage the body is key to understand how to best fuel the body.

ph chart of what foods are acidic and which ones are alkaline - tape it to your fridge so you can stay to the alkaline side and avoid the acidic foods. Strive to eat 80% alkaline foods and limit the acidic foods to things like nuts, legumes, and seeds and small amounts of whole gluten free grains. Avoid the most acidic foods like soda, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, shellfish, sugar and white flour. Don't dwell on trying to eat only alkaline foods, just keep the acidic foods to a minimum.
For CDIFF we would also recommend …    

1) Avoid all sources of fructose – even the sweet fruits but especially anything with added sweetener, be it corn syrup, rice syrup, cane sugar, agave,  – its all bad – use only stevia to sweeten (This is key to getting your immune system back to 100%)

2) Avoid Carageenan – it is damaging to the epithial layer of the intestines. It’s in nut milks and ice cream as a thickener.

3) Take a good quality probiotic regularly.  Best ones locally are in refrigerator case at Whole Foods.

4) Go Gluten Free.  Even if you are not Celiac or gluten intolerant, gluten is disruptive and damaging to the intestinal lining which causes lots of problems for the immune system.  Minimize even the gluten free breads and products as they are acidic and are low on the nutrition scale.

5) Go Dairy free – dairy is one of the most unhealthy foods you can consume.  It damages the digestive tract, causes several digestive diseases and is more strongly linked to cancer progression than any other food. Use the vegan DAIYA cheese as a replacement but sparingly as it’s not a health food either.

6. Start iodine supplimentation - READ THIS PAGE



Candida - White tongue, confusion, many more symptoms. This is an EXTREMELY SERIOUS, progressive disease that can even result in death. See the 5 stages of Candida here:   https://healdove.com/disease-illness/The-5-Stages-Of-Candida-Overgrowth Totally destroyed by iodine supplements … See Candida in “Iodine Testimonials” below Also see Colloidal Silver Resources, file below. See ”Candida”  in testimonials. Both Colloidal Silver and Iodine supplements cure Candida.

CELL PHONES - Do they cause brain tumors? Yes! Keep it off your ear - use speaker phone or bluetooth headset. Full study review in this short video

Celiac Disease and its link to Monsanto's Roundup 12/16/15

Canker Sores - Honey is better than anything else

Crohn's Disease - Watch this short (6:21) video that explains very well the keys to a healthy digestive system and why a low fiber diet aggravates Crohn's disease.
Another good article here.. 2017 studies point to yeast as a possible cause.

COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). The story of Jeff Waters, diagnosed with stage III COPD at the age of 36 - Healed! Iodine is an effective treatment/cure - see our IODINE page.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - could be caused by toxins in fish
New film coming out on the topic Oct 10th 2017. Check it out here

Dairy - watch this long video to learn all the ways dairy damages your health
I consider it THE most health damaging of all foods.

- Yes it is also tied to a diet of health damaging foods, read these articles.
9/14/17 Depression, suicide linked to mercury in fish.
7/20/17 Magnesium linked to prevent/cure depression. The lack of magnesium in our diet is likely caused by the tired, worn out chemically laden dead soil that is used to grow our crops using chemical fertilizers.
Psychoneuroimmunology—How Inflammation Affects Your Mental Health. Dr McDougall's position
Junk food linked to depression

Psych drugs have killed more than 5 million people over the last 10 years
See our Mental Illness page HERE

Dental Amalgums - typically referred to as "silver fillings, is a consumer fraud perpetuated by those who, through the years, have stood to gain from its continued sale.

Diabetes - Type 1 - The link to casein in cows milk for more see our Diabetes page HERE
Diabetes - Type 2 -See our Diabetes page HERE

Diverticulosis - another disease of a low fiber, animal based diet. More than two-thirds of Americans over age 60 have diverticulosis, but it was nearly unknown a century ago and remained extremely rare among populations eating whole food plant-based diets.Here is a good 2017 article on it then Watch this short video,

Endometriosis- This is a terrible disease caused by iodine deficiency Read our page on iodine Also Chemicals In Sunscreens, Nail Polish Linked To Endometriosis

Essential Tremors - Hand - Dietary toxins may be to blame.

Eye inflammation - Turmeric as a treatment

FATTY LIVER DISEASE - Good article here

FECAL TRANSPLANT - Not as safe as just taking a simple probitic suppliment like this one. Here is the problem with fecal transplants.
My thought is: where do the get the "shit" that they are going to put down your throat with a plastic tube? Is is from a person who is very healthy and eating a great diet, all organic and plant based or is it some unhealthy medical resident eating fast food? This seems to me as just another way for the medical cartel to bill the insurance companies when just taking a probitic suppliment on a regular basis would be just as effective if not more. There are many things we humans do that kill off our good bacteria like drinking alcohol, taking antibiotics, eating non-organic wheat/soy and other plant foods loaded with Monsanto's RoundUp and so if you do any of these you need to replenish your good bacteria on a regular basis (certainly is better to avoid these things).

FERTILITY - BPA Exposure Associated With Failed IVF, The case of the disappearing sperm
See our page on Fertility issues HERE

FIBROMYALGIA - ASPARTAME INDUCED FIBROMYALGIA Fibromyalgia is also linked to the consumption of free glutamate that is in almost all processed and restaurant foods these days. See our page on MSG =free glutamate. Vitamin D can help watch this short video.

Flu Shots - Last year’s (2014 to 2015) flu vaccine was just 18 percent effective among adults, and only 15 percent among children aged 2 to 8. Don't inject Mercury, Aluminum, and MSG into your blood for a slim chance that your flu might be a bit less severe. Keep your immune system strong by completely avoiding dairy, sugar and gluten containing grains and eat a healthy whole foods plant based diet. 2017 update and expose.

Fluorosis - Fluoride poisoning - Fluoride is an endocrine-disrupting chemical linked to thyroid disease, impaired memory, attention-deficit hyperactive disorder and lowered IQ in children. The majority of science says we should not be adding fluoride to our drinking water. The only way to avoid it is to filter it out with a reverse osmosis filter or buy unfluoridated bottled water. Full story here.


Glyphosate (Roundup) - Heartbreaking letter from dying EPA scientist begs Monsanto “moles” inside the agency to stop lying about dangers of RoundUp (glyphosate).
Yes folks, you are being poisened every day with this toxic herbicide. An organic, plant based diet is the sure way to get it out of your diet. Wow! Here is a study that shows how much of this toxin is in foods eaten by the masses... Monsanto is not going to like this article

GMO's and GLYPHOSATE - Eating non organic soy, corn and other vegetables can expose you to the herbicide "RoundUp" (Glyphosate) which is not a good thing - read how it damages your body here
Read how its linked to celiac disease here.

GOUT - change in diet to avoid acidic foods and drink will rid you of this painful condition.

HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy - Not a good idea - watch this video

INFERTILITY - this may be a cause - see more on this page

INFLAMATION - from animal fats and cooked oils

INFLAMATORY Bowel Disease - New studies linked to artificial sweeteners, can also be caused by the bacterium H.pylori - learn more here

INSOMNIA - Protein as one of the causes. VIDEO In all my years teaching people to eat better the most common feedback is better sleep. All the MSG in processed/restaurant foods messes up the part of the brain that controls sleep cycle. See our MSG page and start eating only foods made from scratch

KIDNEY DISEASE - Lots of added Phosphates in fast food, processed meats and cheeses, even soda could be the cause of kidney damage/disease and heart disease too. Another good article on this HERE

LEAKY GUT SYNDROME - The thing about wheat and other gluten-containing products is that gluten, because of its content of another protein called gliadin, is threatening to the lining of the gut. Dr. Alessio Fasano’s research at Harvard has made it quite clear that gliadin, which is found in wheat, barley and rye, causes increased leakiness or permeability in the gut of all humans. That is a serious problem. It taxes the immune system which is busy attacking all the food proteins that have leaked into the blood or abdominal cavity. On top of the gluten damage, wheat is usually very high in Monsanto's Roundup which has been shown to seriously damage or good bacteria and thus or intestinal wall cells. It gets worse when you have eaten dairy. Under certain conditions, the immune response to dairy proteins that have "leaked" from your intestines can also attack the soft tissues in our body. This is the root of many auto-immune diseases and the primary reason so many people have arthritis, spine, knee and hip degeneration requiring fusion surgery and joint replacements. Mold exposure is the second most powerful cause of intestinal permeability. There are several foods/drugs that damage the intetsinal lining also. Most pain meds and other pahrmacueticals, carageenan (a thickener found in nut milks , ice cream and other junk food), oils, especially cooked oils and meat, peanuts & cashews.
Getting the digestive system "leak free" is the first step in being healthy. It is no surprise that our digestive systems are danaged with the our current food system being so polluted with toxic chemicals. Do not underestimate the importance of this. Eat clean, made from scratch, organic fresh plant based food and your on your way to better health.

LYME's DISEASE - Watch this 15 min video

LUPUS - From crippling Lupus to pain free on a plant based diet Full story here

KIDNEY STONES - The more animal protein you eat including fish, the higher the risk of kidney stones. Avoid stone-forming foods: Beets, chocolate, spinach, rhubarb, tea, and most nuts are rich in oxalate, and colas are rich in phosphate, both of which can contribute to kidney stones.

Lectins - found in animal and plant foods alike they have been reported to cause serious health problems but there has yet to be any studies that show any damage. A Dr Gundry is the loudest voice of alarm with lectins but it looks as if he is just trying to sell his new book and sell $80 a month anti-lectin suppliments. Among the highest lectin-containing foods are corn, corn-fed meats, casein A1 milk, peanuts, cashews and unfermented soybeans. These are best minimized if you are healing disease just to be safe.

LIVER DISEASE - This informative article and video document the link between fructose and liver damage - even in children. this is one of our worse health problems. Lets get serious and get all fructose/sugar out of schools and kids menus. Good info in this article

Lymphoma - Nutrasweet linked to this cancer see our page on Cancer

Macular Degeneration - this is not caused by "old age". It is commonly caused by all the free glutamate in our everyday foods. Learn more on our MSG page.

MEAL REPLACEMENTS - If you or a loved one are in need of food in the hospital or a managed care situation or just can't eat solid food due to surgery or other issue - Here is the best formulation by far and should be your #1 choice. FUNCTIONAL FORMULATIONS is made right near Cincinnati in Centerville, OH and is made up entirely of fresh, health enhancing ingredients. Products like Ensure and Boost seem to have more health damaging ingredients than good food so avoid those like the plague.

ME -myalgic encephalomyelitis. See chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Could be iodine deficiency - See iodine above

MEAT - The correct amount in a healthy diet is "0" - by Physicians Committee on Responsible Medicine

MSG - See our webpage on the subject HERE or this site has a nice presentation,

PAIN KILLERS - Opiate based pain killer drugs are way more dangerous than doctors let on. They also severely suppress your immune system which will likely cause more health decline. Read this shocking article published July , 2016 by Mercola.com,
Update 2017 - More people are are opiated pain medication than smoke cigarettes! More here
New July 2017 Article here

PARKINSON'S DISEASE - See our page on Brain Diseases

PLANTERS WART - Just take TUMERIC regularly. Try these capsules

POLITICS and HEALTH -Global cost of chronic disease treatment to top $47 trillion by 2030, more than triple current US national debt


PROSTATE PROBLEMS - Read This Report how iodine deficeincy is cause of most protate problems
See our iodine page for more info HERE

PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS - The Psychiatry industry has not just abandoned anything resembling science, it has also made a laughing stock of itself. Show the slightest difference in behavior or just mention a "symptom" and they will diagnose you with one of 365 "mental illnesses" for which the only remedy is a powerful psychoactive drug.
Don't put yourself or your children into this system. There is no greater health concern where the best path is in the natural "holistic" world than this one. First understand that the brain is a chemical computer so to speak, and when the chemistry is out of balence, it can produce some out of the ordinary behaviors, even auditory and visual stimuli. Today's food system is toxic so the first course of action should always be get on a clean, organic, gluten free, whole food plant based diet. No foods preprepared by a corporation, no meat, dairy, bread or sugar
. Keep oils to an absolute minimum. Give that 3 months and likely all symptoms will be gone. See the website Forks over Knives for ideas on how to eat this way. Need immediate help and support? There is an excellent resource here in Cincinnati called the Holistic Mental Health Network.
A great group of caring people including a few psychologists. Contact them at
holisticmh@yahoo.com or (513) 328-8178 or their crisis line (513) 282-2273.

NOTE: Most prescribed psych drugs are terribly addicting so it is advisable to wean yourself off of them slowly and under the direction of a doctor or pactitioner familiar with the procedures and dangers involved.

1 million US children under the age of 6 now on psych drugs

Psychiatry and false diagnosis

Psych drugs have killed more than 5 million people over the last 10 years

This long video is a major expose of how the pharmaceutical industry has taken over the Psychiatry field with no scientific basis or results. Truly amazing. If you are on any psychotropic drugs you better sit down before you watch this.
See our links under "depression" above and our VIOLENCE page for more on how diet effects behavior.

PTSD and military suicides Read this article and watch this documentary and also review Psychological Disorders above: Psychiatry's covert agenda exposed in new documentary
watch this 1hr:46min documentary : "THE HIDDEN ENEMY" DOCUMENTARY .
All soldiers and military families need to watch this - Truly shocking!
Psych drugs have killed more than 5 million people over the last 10 years

Racing Heart - and slow heartbeat are common side effects of the record setting amounts of free glutamate hidden in the American diet, especially processed food and restaurant food.
See our page on MSG in your food to understand how you can clean up your diet. Don't let them put a pacemaker inside your chest - that is mainstream medicines answer!

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Watch this video

Statins - 100 Million people are on them - turns out they do more harm than good. here is the bad news. Linked to Parkinsons in this study. Bottom line - Taking statins is just giving you a free pass to keep eating the animal foods with no guilt or worry. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Suicide- over a million people a year take thier own life. New studies point to a poor diet as the root cause, especially fish which is high in mercury. Read this report. See our page on mental health

Sweating - (unexplained) - a common side effect of all the free glutamate hidden in the American diet.
See our page on MSG in your food to understand how you can clean up your diet.

Tremors - Hand - Dietary toxins may be to blame. Could be early signs of Parkinson's. Learn how to stop the progression in its tracks on our brain diseases page here..

Thyroid issues - Likely caused by two things; exposure to free glutamate and BPA
Not sure about this case that healed with suppliments. Maybe both are important,

Ulcerative Colitus - Good article here shows the more meat one eats, the more common is UC.

Vertigo - balance issues are a common side effect of all the free glutamate hidden in the American diet. See our page on MSG in your food to understand how you can clean up your diet.

Wheat Gluten - Wheat (non-organic) is very high in glyphosate (Monsanto's Roundup weed killer) which wreaks havoc on your digestive flora and is linked to cancer. (see glyphosate entry above) Also, wheat gluten is 40% glutamate by weight and when glutamate is heated or fermented it creates free glutamate which is MSG which is very health damaging, especially to your brain, eyes, and pancreas. Wheat is also a grain that is regularly bleached for use in processed foods which creates alloxan, a chemical so damaging to the pancreas scientists use it to create diabetic rats to do diabetes studies. (Note: bleaching flour is banned in Europe! VIDEO). My own experience: I went gluten free 6 years ago as a test to try and help my severe lower back pain. (I had been vegan for 8 years prior but that did not help much). Since going gluten free I have not had a single back pain episode. My only theory here is that it was damaging my digestive tract by leaky gut syndrome which caused a lot of inflammation in my lower back area. Today's wheat has been hybridized to create way more gluten which makes it a much more health-damaging food. My advice is to avoid it 100%.

WATER - Drinking water issues with fluoride and the bottled water issues







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