"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."
- Albert Einstein

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(This page last updated 4/15/20)

What is it about American's that make us one of the fattest nations on earth? Don't expect to like the truth here but if you have tried one of the hundreds of "diets" touted by those trying to profit from getting you slimmer then you will likely not be surprised that what makes you fat is almost everything the typical American eats. The first thing you must understand before you embark on your weight loss journey is that food corporations have evolved to take every advantage possible using ingredients that are physically addictive and stimulate overeating. Once you decide to eat only health enhancing foods it will take a near super human effort to keep from eating the corporate food you are currently addicted to. You can do it, but it will take a very strong personal commitment on your part to abstain from the sweet, salty, fatty, flavor and dairy enhanced foods that are the root cause of your excess weight. What will help your motivation is the fact that all these foods are health damaging in ways much more serious than just weight gain. There is some good news - after a week or two off these foods your cravings for them will diminish, making it easier to keep on track.
This 6 min video may help understand why we eat what we do.

There are 7 major food groups/ingredients that make you fat and they all contribute in their own (sometimes sinister) health damaging way:

1. MSG/free glutamate and aspartate(Nutrasweet) make you fat. We have dedicated a whole web page for this - one of the least understood ways the food industry is poisoning us and making us fat. This may very well be the most significant root cause of excessive weight gain in most Americans. When scientists want to study obese mice, the fastest way to make them obese is to inject them with MSG! The sad part to this is that it is hidden in almost all food in which a corporation has had a hand in preparing and the levels the average American consumes daily is at an all time high. Click the link above and take the time to understand how the corporations get this toxin in your food without listing it on the ingredients list.

MEAT makes you fat. 3 min video, 2 min video also look up Ractopamine - a drug banned in 160 countries that US farmers give to cows, pigs, turkeys and others to stimulate fast growth. Processed meats are also loaded with sources of free glutamate (see #1 above). There are lots of other nasty chemicals given to Animals, foul and fish to accelerate thier growth that are usually dangerous to humans. Read about this one! Growth promoters in meat.

3. DAIRY makes you fat. Growth hormones that work equally well on humans are designed to take a baby cow from 60 to 600 pounds in 6 months! There are 59 different pregnant cow bio-active hormones in Dairy. Nobody knows all the effects these have on our complex system. Caseine is the most abundant protein in dairy and is strongly linked to breast, prostate and liver cancer. Our recommendation is to get 100% of all dairy sources out of your diet. Dairy contains a lot of saturated fat which is very health damaging. The low fat versions of dairy have been shown to be even more health damaging than the high fat versions. Avoid every molocule.

4. SUGAR/FRUCTOSE makes you fat. It's in everything. Avoid all things with added sweeteners. Use Stevia when needed to sweeten something. Sugar tells your body to store fat and disrupts your immune system, two things that are not good for your health or waist line. One study with rats showed sugar to be more addicting than cocaine. If you get tired during the day it is likely because you are consuming sugar/sweetened foods and your blood sugar levels are like a roller coaster - first up then way down. Artificial Sweeteners - Whether it is Nutrasweet or Splenda, the damage these artificial sweeteners do to the body can be severe and irreversable. Read this Dec, 2015 article. The only safe sweetener is Stevia.

5. WHEAT GLUTEN makes you fat.
Free glutamate is released from gluten when it is heated. (see MSG #1 above). Gluten is also very irritating to the intestinal lining and can lead to Leaky Gut Syndrome which causes all kinds of health issues. We all know someone who has been on the Adkin's Diet. By eliminating breads/carbs most people loose weight on this diet even though they are still consuming many of the fattening groups on this list. The Adkins diet is seriously flawed and is not a good long term solution unless you want to die young of heart disease like Dr. Adkin's himself did.

6. Added oils (cooked oils are worse but added cold oils are almost as bad). Cooked oils are not just fattening, they are inflammatory to the body and cause our arteries to constrict, harden and clog up with plaques leading to heart disease.

In the graphic below you can see that plant based foods are less calorie dense than animal based foods or oil.
If you fill your stomach with a greasy meat and dairy meal you might have a 2000 calorie meal. Fill your stomach with a low oil plant based meal and you may only consume 400 calories (and with a lot more nutrients than the animal based meal).

Calories to fill stomach
Which do you think would fill you up best?

# 7 Chemicals - There are so many damaging chemicals in our food chain. Here are a few of the big players that are causing massive health issues and unexplained weight gain.
BPA - BPA linked to obesity - new study shows. To avoid BPA you should avoid consuming anything from plastic bottles, plastic packaging, all canned goods and even avoid touching cash register receipts (Yes BPA is used in the thermal paper). BPA free plastics contain BPS which is likely just as bad. Try to keep your food from coming in contact with any plastic - especially when/if heated. The Pyrex glass bowls with snap on plastic lids are great. Work towards replacing all plastic food storage containers with glass.
Glyphosate (Roundup) is a big one. Linked to all sorts of health problems, the only way to avoid it is to eat organic. Here is a recent article on the kinds of health problems it can cause including weight gain. It is also shown to disrupt the good bacteria in our digestive tract which is not a good thing at all.
PCB's - Another big one is PCB's. These are very damaging chemicals that are mostly in meat, dairy and seafood.
Mycotoxins - have been linked to heart and liver disease, neurological malfunction, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, asthma, stunted growth and premature death. One of the most well-known mycotoxins, and also the most damaging, is aflatoxin — a carcinogenic mold often found in peanuts, and other foods. Aflatoxin specifically attacks the liver and has been implicated in cancers of both the liver and cervix. It is commonly found in alcoholic beverages, corn, wheat, barley, sugar, sorghum, peanuts, rye, cottonseed, and hard cheeses.
ARSENIC - In chicken and other foods. 6½ min video.

Not only are these 7 foods/groups fattening, it's much worse than that. They are all HEALTH DAMAGING foods. They are all at the root cause of almost all diseases in this country. Want to make a real difference in your health? Make a promise to yourself not to eat any health damaging foods. Now that you know what foods are health damaging, you can make good decisions. If there is no healthy food available where you are, drink water and wait till you can get somewhere to get something healthy. (fasting is a healthy and healing activity - it gives your body time to heal the damage done from all the toxic food you have eaten thus far in life). Be strong. Be committed. Your body will reward you with vibrant health and energy. All you have to do is give your body "clean health enhancing food".

If you want to label it the best is "Whole Food, Plant Based Diet"

Weight loss can be over simplified by just saying... it's calories in verses calories out (burned) but even this is wrong as recent studies show meat and dairy are way more fattening than just their calories account for. Likely the same for others on the list with the exception of oils.
The best way to get to a healthy weight is to go on a simple diet that starts with 100% whole food plant based ingredients, drop all the sugar and added oils and begin a regular walking regimen. Avoid all restaurant food and processed/convenience foods. After a few weeks on this "clean" diet you will loose your cravings for sugary, salty and fatty foods that hijack your meal choices using adicting chemistry. Properly done, you will have so much energy all day that you will find it easy to exercise. Lifting weights is proven to be the best way to drop pounds as a bonus you also tone up and strengthen your bones too. Ease into it slowly, the more weight you loose, the easier the exercise will be. Unlike what is portrayed on TV's "The Biggest Loser" you don't have to torture yourself on a tread mill to loose weight. When you eat a whole foods plant based diet the pounds will melt off, and as you feel better, the inflammation is gone from your joints and you have much more energy, then the exercise routine will be easier and more enjoyable.

One of the things that will work against you on this journey and has likely contributed to your weight gain is the pleasure center of the brain (dopamine). There are chemicals in our food that are there because food chemists know they stimulate the pleasure center of the brain. It's how people get addicted to drugs but also meat, dairy, ice cream, chips, sugar/candy and processed foods. There have been studies using rats that prove that sugar is more addictive than cocaine! Dairy is just as addictive.
Please understand that for the first few weeks on a "clean diet" you will have serious cravings for these foods and it will take some heroic will power to "kick" the habit. You can do it but you have to be 100% committed. Give the one finger salute to the "food scientists" and go cold turkey off these addictive foods that are slowly poisoning you and making you sick.
A good book on this subject is called "The Pleasure Trap" by Douglas Lisle

Watch this 40 min video to better understand this and learn a lot more from Dr Neal Barnard - How the body is tricked into eating junk - and how to stop



Meat, dairy, breads/gluten, sugars, oils,
free glutamate, chemicals and toxins make you fat.

fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes keep you thin
(and healthy).



See our Getting Started page for more info on healthy eating


How can it be that our food system has gone so far down the wrong path that it is the cause of almost all of our diseases including obesity? The sad fact is that over the years our government has been influenced (read bribed) by these industries to receive favorable legislation, farm subsidies to make toxic animal food cheap, and policies to make clean "organic" food expensive to prove it is "clean". The FDA uses only the companies own testing to decide if something is safe, and buries its head in the sand when problems start to show up that these food additives, pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified crops show definitive proof that they are indeed not safe. There is over a trillion dollars at stake to keep the status quo and not make any major changes to the system because so many are making obscene profits treating all the sick and obese people. Don't expect to hear the truth as it is represented on these pages from any mainstream media source or doctor. The media is the king of misdirect and confusion on these issues, and most doctors would loose their privileges or license if they go "off protocol" on their recommendations. You hold all the cards and only you can decide to be 100% responsible for your own health. The doctors, hospitals, and clinics will be of no help to you to pursue this path but I know as sure as I'll take my next breath that this is the path to true health.

One of the observations I have that supports our direction is to observe the health of all animals in nature. Those that eat a diet as nature intended, uncorrupted by man, are healthy, and are not having epidemics of diseases. Conversely, The humans, dogs and cats who eat a diet far from what nature provided consisting of processed, cooked and altered foods grown with toxic chemicals are all suffering from a long list of terrible diseases.


 Bottom line is that we eat too many high calorie foods as this video explains. Change your diet first, then you will feel so good, exercise can be slowly added in without the pain and frustration of trying to out train a bad diet.

Note: Don't fall for the KETO diet craze currently very popular. It has a lot of big money behind it which is likely the same big money profiting on your sickness. It is the fast track to heart disease and other degenerative diseases (like cancer) more common to an animal product heavy diet.





The above before and after is one year on a WHOLE FOODS PLANT BASED MOSTLY RAW AND FRUIT DIET.

Read Diane's full story HERE.

JLo Goes Vegan: An Inside Look Into the Surging Popularity of Plant-Based Diets
From http://pcrm.org/media/blog/ 5/13/14 Guest Blog by Susan Levin, M.S., R.D., C.S.S.D.

Jennifer Lopez is the latest celebrity to adopt a healthful vegan diet. We’re rooting for JLo and look forward to seeing her plant-powered performances on her next tourjennifer-lopez-vegan

Vegan diets continue to surge in popularity and for good reason. Studies show people who adopt a plant-heavy diet are at reduced risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and some forms of cancer. Other benefits include an increased life span and improvements in skin complexion, mood, and memory. Hollywood’s A-list health champions are living proof: Anne Hathaway, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Ellen DeGeneres, and Carrie Underwood are some of Tinseltown’s biggest stars who continue to tout the health benefits of a colorful plant-based diet. Need a case study? Actress Michelle Pfeiffer lowered her cholesterol by 83 points, former president Bill Clinton lost 30 pounds and revamped his heart health, and actor Samuel L. Jackson lost 40 pounds after switching to a low-fat vegan diet.

Al Gore, former vice president, who announced his vegan diet earlier this year, for environmental and health reasons, has lost 50 pounds. These are not the only New York residents who are seeing results: An elementary school in the Bronx recently adopted a plant-based menu, and within a year the students’ overall attendance improved, BMIs dropped, and test scores soared to an all-time high. The good news? The students enjoy the food: Some of the most popular menu items are spiced chickpeas, salad bars with broccoli trees, and fresh mango slices.

GEICO took a similar approach with employees in 2008 and offered plant-based options in workplace cafeterias, provided cooking demos for staff, and then made reference to a vegan diet in their famous “Happier than an Antelope” TV ad in 2012.

This growing phenomenon could explain why a recent Technomic survey finds kale-based options have increased 400 percent on restaurant menus over the past five years. Vegan options and quick grabs, which range from a simple black bean burrito bowl at Chipotle to a macrobiotic bowl with sea vegetables at Café Gratitude, dominate menus nationwide.

As our palates revert back to the healthy basics and as plant-based options continue to expand throughout K-12 schools, hospitals, workplace cafeterias, restaurants, grocery stores, U.S. airports, and on Hollywood screens, I hope to see the health of our next generation rapidly improve.






Here is another good example...
Read about her great success with a plant based diet here

weight loss


University of South Carolina study: Plant-based, vegan diet most effective for weight loss - Dec 2014

Here is a short video that addresses the weight loss "fad" diets by looking at the authors and whether they are fat or lean. Very eye opening.
Watch it Here (2 min)






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